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  1. So true about the longer term time frame. I am slowly making the transition into forex due to the higher leverage that I can let run overnight.
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  2. "Well I think you're being sarcastic because we both know Jack does it but can you find me ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD who can produce a profitable track record trading off short term technical indicators. I'm not talking about price action nor charts. I'm talking about indicators."

    What's an indicator? Indicators indicate. This is an indicator.
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  3. Seems like too much work trading all these contracts and such trying to shave mere pennies in profit at best. Buy and hold or swing trading is so much more profitable for less work.
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  4. Excellent article Pabst. I like that it is short and to the point, too many authors make an art out of writing pages when the point could of been expressed in a fraction of the words.

    "We're all flawed in one way or another." I think I may have two flaws.
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  5. i know literary skill and passion when I see it. Bravo, pabst, you have a bright future in the field. keep them coming!

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  6. Me too i have pretty colorz

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  7. Thank's for the positive feedback guys!
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  8. I thought I made a mistake once. But I was wrong...
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  9. Bravissimo....
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  10. Good article !

    What is your relation to Pabst ? you have 2 usernames ?
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