Article: Bankruptcy Judge Orders Wade Cook Into Liquidation

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    He He... the guy wrote books on avoidance of income taxes... This resurrected thread reminds me that the very first time I had the notion of trading was when I listened to Wade Cook speak on an infomercial. That had to be 12 years back and I recall it now, I had forgotten about it entirely. He was talking about cash to cash, no waiting for rewards, it appealed to me bigtime.
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    "convicted former investment guru Wade Cook of tax evasion and other crimes for failing to report royalty income of about $9.5 million. " sound like his books still selling well
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    I think I bought one actually. Friends talked me out of going to a seminar at $2000, whew, I have to learn to lay down until those feelings go away!!
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  5. Right, the
    sheeple can't say they weren't warned about Wade Cook.

    Even Fools had him figured out and published detailed caveats back in the crook's stock market-hype heyday.
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  7. "Crook is a slang term for a criminal or a person of questionable morality. Specifically it refers to someone who is corrupt and uses dishonest or unethical tactics to gain money. The adjective crooked can refer to such persons or actions. This version of the term may also be archaically used as a verb in reference to becoming a criminal or causing another to become a criminal. Biblically, 'crooked' meant 'twisted', 'corrupt', or 'not straight'." - Wikipedia

    "...Slang. to steal, cheat, or swindle..." -
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