Article: Bankruptcy Judge Orders Wade Cook Into Liquidation

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  1. Those that can't teach ...
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  2. another con man bites the dust.
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  3. That doesn't get suckers their money back though.

    How much efforts can we put in to warn people ? Have you ever tried ? The beginners are so keen that no matter what warnings they get they just don't want to take any notice.

    Talk about sheeps being led to slaugher, not much difference there is there ?

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  4. I was at a Mariner's game up in the corporate box and my wife asks me if I knew the box next to us was owned by Wade Cook Financial Corporation. I said no but looked over and guess who I saw, Mr. Cook himself. I'd have to say he looked worn, probably a result of the legal battles.

    Wade is a heck of a sales person but I think he charged way too much for his services. Most of what he taught was available in books but people just hate to read. WCFC material's entire mindset was geared towards a bull market. In a bear market, bull-put spreads, covered calls and selling puts with the option of buying them back and rolling them out will be crushed.
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  5. I confess I own one Wade Crook book.
    But I'll let you know that if I sold it for $2 I'd make 100% on my money.
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  6. The real BIG money is going to be in those training manuals people paid $6K to get! Just wait till you make 100% on one of those!

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    It's expiration and the judge just exercised his puts. Good riddance!
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  8. Wade got marked to market.
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    Good one !
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