Artice In Futures Mag With Oanda Founder

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    Michael Stumm is the man! Building the system from scratch, he is a guy to be admired too.

    Nice read. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I saw this article and found it a very interesting read. It is amazing how the company has grown to become one of the major retail players.
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    I love Oanda's ads "Trading Euro is Easy?" BULL!" that they ran against FXCM's "Trading Euro is Easy!"...Oanda is simply honest; Trading is not easy.
  5. I had not seen that. Very amusing.
  6. yeah, I'll have to check them out. I was under the impression that they were just another bucket shop.
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    They are. Don't believe the hype.
  8. I read through all 60 reveiws. Looks like they started out strong, had some problems and never recovered.

    I've traded with IB for a long time but just started forex. I've never seen a 20 pip spread, The widest spread I deal with is maybe 4 on CHF/JPY.

    But getting back to the article, forex is very good right now, the thing that will mess it up is regulations trying to protect me.

    I don't care if margin is 50:1 or 1000:1, it won't affect me.

    If you want to trade on inside information that is fine with me.

    I don't even care if you get tighter spreads than me.

    I always traded futures. When I put on my first ES trade I knew immediately I liked Globex better than open outcry.

    As soon as I started fooling around with forex I knew I liked it better than futures.

    I wish they would just leave it and me alone.
  9. Of all market makers, they are the best I know and I actively recommend them. Normally market makers never get a 2nd look from me.
  10. Oanda is the ONLY broker of any type that does not have a trading desk

    Oanda has been sited many times by many traders on various forum sites for disconnecting
    the Oanda feed during periods of volatile price activity, usually associated with the various
    new releases, other countries as well as US news releases

    if your isp feed or power goes down and you want to close a trade, you'll have a hard time
    doing so since it is something Oanda does Not do

    glowing articles aside, caveat emptor still applies to Oanda
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