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  1. Does/did anyone employ any of Sklarew's charting techniques?

    Just curious, I'm reading "Techniques of a Professional Commodity Chart Analyst" for the ninth (9) time and as always, gleem new insights.

    The man truely had a passion and loved charts greatly, 'coaxing their secrets.'

    My second question is what ever happened to Sklarew? At the time of print twenty-six (26) years ago he was living in Manhatten with his wife. He has probably passed away but I can find no reference.

    Lastly did Sklarew publish any additional works (i.e. books, white papers) or have any students?


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  3. Thanks, this book is his early works and I was just interested to see how his techniques evolved or even if they did given access to computational advances.

    The reviewer stated that(paraphrased) any chart can be applied to any market to solidify one's theories or applications of TA.

    Well...that's true and it applies to almost everything.

    Slanting evidence in favor of a conclusion that you wish to be achieved.(legal, religious,social, political...)

    Anyway maxpi, thanks for the effort and the feedback.

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    Uhh... it was pretty much the least I could do..... I put the book on my wish list while I was over at Amazon anyhow.