Arthur Clarke dies

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  3. The pedophile thing incinerated him.

    Still hope to see Rendezvous With Rama on the screen some day.
  4. To this very day I don't understand the meaning of astronaut "Bowman's" transformation at end of movie? What the hell was his importance to the alien's mission of seeding another planet? :confused:
  5. Aliens needed a credible figure to pass along the message at the end of 2010 that something wonderful is going to happen and for us to lay off Europa. What better way to accomplish that than with Bowman.

    Sad, really, 2010 the movie was so low budgety looking.

    Anyone else have an explanation for Armoured's question?
  6. i got the impression they were warned because that last ship got too close to their latest action on Jupiter?

    And they let him say goodbye to his wife, in the scheme of much much much greater things why would they care?

    doesn't make sense.
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    Dragon's Egg's+egg

    Perhaps the strangest, and very hard core, science fiction story ever.