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  1. small spreadbet account. 5k balance

    Kind of for fun, really.

    First trade just taken.

    Long the DowJones spreadbet symbol.
    I'm long for $8 per point. (every 'point' (so from 20100 - 20101 is 1 'point' is worth $8))

    We appear to be in a huge bull market where 'the only way is up'.
    Dropped over 100 points from yesterday - Assuming that this drop is probably a good place to get long before the next run to a new all time high begins.
    And if you believe in TA/support/resistance etc, then this looks like good support
  2. Closed 3 units for 44 pips profit

    Holding the other 5 units long still
  3. out the other 5 units here for +60 points ($300 profit)

    total profit +$432

    balance 5432

    Just hoping for a retrace to get back in long.
  4. delme.jpg ...
  5. big drop there. Overdone. Surely a decent opportunity for a bargain?
    Long 6 units here at 20914 (DJIA)
  6. delme.jpg ...
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  7. so far so good. 20 points in profit on that long so far. Would like at least 50 points or so, so will hold out for that. Probably happens in globex hours tomorrow?
  8. bought a few units of the ES equivilent
  9. closed them for some profits.
    Still just holding the DowJones longs
    They were hurting a little bit, but I was confident that the bulls would step in and ramp us back up. Not too far off of breakeven on that long now. Should be in profit soon
  10. back in profit on the Dow long now.
    Market will probably keep going up this week - setting target of 70 points on the long.
    Will add longs on the Dax if it goes down at all aswell
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