Art thou shivering yet, (r u scared yet)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by confused-NOT, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. hey futures are down, badly in the middle of the night

    are you betting on low opening green afternoon

    or are you thinking cramer's "sell sell sell"

    well I am out with small profit, and I won't enter any order today

    I'll sleep in, and let the market define the week for me on Monday

    guys after you are done for the day, let me know how was monday for ya
  2. Why does the markets falling stop you from trading? Just short. I always trade volitility regardless of direction.
  3. No shorts? Plenty on the Short screen with large vol and volatility????
  4. Futures down badly? Hit refresh on your screen :)
  5. yeah wtf??

    down badly?? haha

    that just means more free money buying any little dip!!

    NO RISK!!
  6. lol more chicken little tards

    You know the routine

    open down 5 bucks

    close up 15 bucks


    thats how therse markets trade

    coudn't be more obvious unless your a stupid short and havnt figured it out yet
  7. S2007S


    they need their 19th record...
  8. nice call bro $$
  9. jan168


    sorry, no way!
  10. Oh so easy. Hmmm , Ferrari or Lambo?
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