Art Shell...absolute disgrace

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  1. I really have no opinion about the Raiders as a franchise, but one thing I have to say is that Art Shell is the absolute WORST HEAD COACH IN NFL HISTORY.

    He would need to improve by leaps and bounds to reach the level of other "historic" coaches such as Ray Handley (NY Giants).

    Shell is a fucking embarrassment to the game of football.
  2. The raider do NOT have the makeup of a good team for quite awhile. The head coach and quarterback gets all the glory when a team does well and they get all the blame when things turn south.

    Shell is not a bad coach. The raider just suck, end of story. No coaching will solve that offensive line woe, they dont have the talent and their first round pick a year ago is a major major bust. Their center doesn't have a clue... how many unforced fumble from scrimmage in the last two games from mishandle snaps??

    On defense, warren sapp is useless. and that defensive front just sucks. No name linebackers aint going to cut it in this league.
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    I made the ridiculous mistake of betting on Oakland in the opener against San Diego. I was tempted to so again at Baltimore (Oak +11) but decided despite some obvious Raider talent at skill positions on offense that Shell isn't worth the risk. I feel bad about his situation. In a technocrat era of Sabanesque head coaches with two dozen assistants (Miami has 23) it would have been great to see an old Hall of Fame playing African-American comeback coach turn around a flawed yet fabled franchise. Since personally I hate Al Davis, Raider Nation, and the denizens of the Bay Area it's probably just as well.

    As a Chicagoan I'll tell ya who the best team in the NFL is.......
  4. C'mon Pabst...don't tell me a smart man like yourself is buying into the hype of Rex?

    Let's see what he does against someone else besides the perennial doormat Lions and the hapless Packers.

    (Although, I do think your defense is awesome).
  5. Till they play Jaguars. RG will be on the bench when the game 7 comes.
  6. In the NFL it's hard to tell if the coaches suck or if it's just the lack of talent. To paraphrase Buffett, lack of talent will defeat even the best coaches, although some do have a knack for molding no-name players into effective units.

    Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs looked pretty bad when he came back after a long retirement from football. His team made the playoffs his second year back. Shell had a long layoff, as did his offensive coordinator. I think it's awfully hard to jump back into the league like that. Things change. What used to work doesn't anymore. Shell was pretty decent as a coach his first time around, but I notice no one jumped to hire him after he got canned. He had the prestige of a relatively fresh playing career then though. These players think he played when they used leather helmets.
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    Let's not forget Rich Kotite, I think he could out-worst Art Shell anyday.

  8. That was uncalled for man!! F*ck you !!! you just ruined my day....Im still a recovering Jet fan and the mere mention of his name puts acid in my stomach..:mad: :mad: :mad:
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    ROTLMAO, See I told you. Maybe he just couldn't hack the green and white or something. Remember he did it to the Eagles first.

  10. Oyyy Veyyy!!!...I have an upset stomach....Im putting you on ignore.....what's next, your gonna mention the Joe Walton and Bruce Coslett years????? Oh God....Im gonna hurl...I remember when they replace Pete Carroll with Kotite because Leon Hess said " im old and I want to win now".....Yeah.....that worked out well ....fu*k all of you...Im a Tampa Bay Season tickeholder anyway and......Ahhhh Crap...we are 0-2 and haven't scored a touchdown this year......Are there any Raven and Seahawk fans??? Im jumping on a bandwagon here....GO RAVENS!!!!
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