Art Cashin talks about next week market

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by rontrader2009, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Arthur Cashin is my favorite personality on CNBC.

    I have for the most part stopped watching CNBC which is simply one of the many Barry Obama CHEERLEADING channels offered by NBC. PSMBNC and little Matty Laurer and Bozo Brian Williams carrying Barry's water on the broadcast network NBC.

    I understand that Atthur is going to be on the stupid ass CNBC program known as Squawk Box this week.

    What a shame!

    He has successfully created his "brand" so to speak in two to three minute sound bytes in which he understood less is more.

    CNBC is so DESPERATE for some ratings that they are going to ruin the only personality worth watching by overexposing him.

    I will not WATCH.

    I hope I am wrong, I love a guy who most likely drinks too much, and alludes to the fact with the phrase, "marinating ice cubes".