Art Cashin Looked Afraid On CNBC

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  1. Did anyone notice his demeanor? He was visibly shaking and didn't look comfortable at all while talking about the treasury market and oil.
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    I've notice him shaking several times over the last few months. I dont know for sure but I believe he is suffering from Parkinson's disease.
  3. ....and so did Nassim Taleb during his CNBC interview today......that should REALLY scare you!!! :D
  4. What causes concern to me is the treasury market. The fact that it has been selling off every day for the past month tells me that this stimulus may have a tough time finding decent financing. The fed may have to abandon the strong dollar. We could be very close to the beginning of a dollar crisis.
  5. i've noticed he doesn't look well either. red puffy face. maybe too much scotch and too much xlf in his portfolio.
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    Art Cashin almost always has something worthwhile to say;
    but usually a bit nervous about it.

    Hope he gets well:cool:
  7. Looks like Art Cashin can't take the heat on the trading floor with so many of his losing positions. Looks like UBS trading is going to take a dump.
  8. he has appeared to have some sort of health issue for months now

    I do appreciate how he is not afraid to talk about the ugly stuff

    A couple of months ago a CNBC reporter came out and said she was getting email messages from senior Wall St. people telling her they were withdrawing all their money from the banks. She didn't report this on air when she first heard it but months later felt as though it was worth telling viewers. WTF!

    Talk about cherry picking the news.

    Good ol' Art, may he live long and prosper.
  9. bfft he knows nothing. fool.
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    people can actually short paper oil and IOU treasuries that they don't have. only on wall street.

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