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  1. Good day hapaboy. What do you think of what I'm saying about special ops and Tillman? I'm asking you becuase you were in the military.
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  2. Turok


    >In total fairness, if Mav was allowed back with
    >username intact, so should ART.

    Something tells me ART would never apologize for anything. Mav did (well, sorta).

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  3. Maverick74


    What does swimming have to do with killing? I'm lost dude. OK, let's take your premise for a second OK. Let's assume you are right. Let's assume that all of these young guys, about 18 to 21 years old, let's say all of them want to kill and that's it. What is the statistical likelihood that we could get that many guys from a small sample of competitive swimmers. I mean Shit, if we just took a percentage of people in this country that fell into the category of just wanting to kill people at ant cost, I imagine, although I don't have the exact numbers, that it's probably under 1% out of the 300 million people that live in the US. It maybe even by closer to .05%. Hell, now that I think of it, even that number seems too high but let's stick with that number.

    Now, let calculate how many competitive swimmers there are in the US. Shit, that number has got to be miniscule, maybe like .001% or so or less. I mean most high schools don't have competitive swim teams and most colleges don't either and the ones that do only have maybe 10 to 20 guys on a team. So we are talking about a very small sample here, very small.

    Now, what are the odds that a randomly generated person falls into both groups, i.e that he is a competitive swimmer and he only wants to kill people in life.

    Nitro or somebody, can you run the monte carlo on this and come up with some numbers. Seriously, where are all the probability experts on ET. Someone tell me what the odds are of someone being in both groups. I think it has got to be like 10 million to 1 or something ridiculous.

    Once you see what those numbers are Rowenwood, you will see how ridiculous your premise is. Now we could even take this further by calculating what the odds would be for the entire Seals group to be comprised of people who hail from the violent killing group. I bet those odds are closer to 100 million to 1. LOL. So someone do the math or offer an educated guess. Thanks.
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  4. I tend to agree. If you go back exactly one year ago and see the kinds of posts he was making as Optional777 -- war supporter, no-fault-America, anti-socialist etc -- and read what he's writing now, there's absolutely no acknowledgement whatsoever that he understands the opposing point of view, even though he himself actually once held it.
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  5. Your reasoning is backwards. I don't care about the odds of a person being a special forces killer and a competitive swimmer. What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with my assumption that one must want to kill people in order to be in the special ops. If they don't want to kill people then why are they in it? You create the strangest and funniest logic. Your correlations are hilariously off. You're confused. You'd make a good character in one of my scripts.
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  6. I don't know if wholly agree with this statement. ART seems to have tunnel vision and so does Maverick74. Maverick74 has it to a lessor degree.
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  7. Wow, I had no idea. Is it really true that ART not long ago espoused the very ideology that he has mocked and criticized so relentlessly the past year? I wonder what could cause such an extreme about face. Did something in his psyche snap? Was it the result of a traumatic episode (perhaps involving LongShot or Dick Cheney)? Was he extorted by NVS?

    While this is probably ancient history to some of you, I'm curious to know if he ever owned up to the startling change and made some attempt to explain it? I'm honestly floored by this.
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  8. Maverick74


    Rowenwood, the reason I bring up the swimming is because without being a competitive swimmer, they can't get in!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's my point, you could have 100,000 males between the ages of 18 to 21 that walked in one day and said, I want to join the Seals, I just want to kill people. They would never be accepted!!!!!!! that's my point, you have to qualify to get in. That's like me saying I want to work on a derivatives desk at Goldman Sachs so I just show up one day and say hey, hire me, I'm smart. It's very very hard btw to get onto Goldman's derivatives desk btw. It doesn't matter if I want to be on that desk, Goldman is the one that has to make that decision.

    You are completely missing the point. Joining the Seals is not like signing up for infantry in the ARMY out of high school where if you have a pulse they will take you. You are talking about joining one of the most elite and one of the most toughest organizations on the planet. That is why we have to bring swimmers into the equation because if Joe Blow from Kansas decides he wants to be a Seal and kill people and he has no competitive swimming background, guess what, he ain't getting in. Pure and simple.

    So in order to find out how accurate your premise is we have to calculate the probability of an 18 to 21 year old male being both a competitive swimmer and posessing the desire to kill at will and thats all he wants to do in life and he enjoys it.

    Man, now I see why you lost all your money on those LU calls, you have a very vague understanding of statistical probability. I guess you didn't know that options are priced based on probability did you? LOL. Well, you know now.
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  9. LOL
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  10. I was just returning the insult....;-)
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