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Discussion in 'Politics' started by spect8or, May 4, 2004.

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    While we are at it, I heard of this great artist from Vienna. Very very gifted. Went to a great art school, played the piano and Bummed around Vienna and Germany selling his art. His name was Adolph Hitler. Didn't you say you were an artist?
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  2. Other than those people who occasionally disagree with you at times (which is when you began to openly regard me as a moron), I would be interested to know exactly how you define a "moron."
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  3. nitro


    I never regarded you as a moron. You are a loooooooohoohoooohooooozer.

    Big difference.

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  4. Actually, you had called me a moron on several occasions almost 2 weeks ago. As for the "loooooooohoohoooohooooozer" part, you have often called me that, both to my face, as it were, and behind my back. More so in the recent past when things have not been going as well for you. I imagine it provides some comfort to sit in judgment of others. Whatever works for you, nitro.
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  5. Okay sure, but I have evidenced that an entire platoon, or ops group, is totally mad with the taste of human death. So we're not talking about one.
    You don't know what Tillman's intentions or thoughts were. You know what the media has told you.

    These guys have to love to kill in order to be special operations status. These guys aren't general infantry. You'll think what you want. I've more supporting facts for my argument than you do for yours. You're a smart guy too, do you understand what I'm conveying, it isn't complicated.
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  6. LOL :D
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    No, I still don't think you understand. I don't care if you use 10 platoons or 100 platoons as your sample pool. It's still too small. Do you think doctors are bad people? Because I have seen hundreds, no, thousands of stories of bad doctors, yet I believe in those numbers they represent a very small sample of the total doctor population.

    You have know idea what's in Pat Tillman's head neither do I so neither one of us can claim to be privy to that info. What I do know is that Pat Tillman's dream his entire life was not to kill, but rather to play professional football. He could have joined the service out of high school, even out of college. But he wanted to play football. It was only after 9/11 that he realized he should walk away from the sport. so your argument holds no water.

    And again, look at who the majority of Navy Seals are. They are f*cking swimmers!!!!! Seriously dude, they were on the high school swim team, the college swim team, and like I said before, many of these men competed in Olympic trials. Now I don't know about you, but I knew a lot of swimmers in high school and college and I never thought one, not one, had a violent tendency about them. They were mostly these tall skinny guys that just like to swim a lot.

    I would say its pretty damn hard to be a Seal if you were not a competitive swimmer trust me. You should see what these guys have to go through in training. Being tough is not going to cut it, hell just being a guy in really great shape is not going to cut it. You better be state champion swimmer. And you know how everyone likes to stereotype those silly state champion swimmers as crazy psychos that just want to kill kill kill whenever they can. LOL. You better re-think your argument.
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  8. Pabst, I have to agree with you on this one (except for your assessment of the largely humorless ART as funny). While I found ART to be confused and contentious, I never found him in the least bit offensive. Ridiculous perhaps, but offensive no.

    I think those of us who defended Maverick's right of return have an obligation to similarly defend's ART's, despite any political or philosophical differences we may have with him. Still, I acknowledge that I know nothing of what transpired in the aforementioned chat room. And my association with ET began after ART dropped his Optional777 persona. Thus, it's possible that the ART-Mav analogy may not hold.

    But absent any indication of some sort of extreme behavior on his part that may have fallen outside the accepted standards of this community, I say:

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  9. This is why I don't engage in debats with you; no matter what logic I state, your one track mind won't realize it.

    Yeah, ops guys are just nice swimmers.
    LOL! Enjoy your delusion.
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  10. Obviously Baron wants to make sure that I'm happy here at ET...after all, I made the statement just a couple days ago that I made the statement "You [ART] are now officially the first (and only) ET member that isn't worthy of any further responses."

    So Thank you Baron!
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