Art and Zen of Surfanity

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WDGann, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. Let's all discuss the Art and Zen of Surfanity...

    1. Thou shall not diss marketsurfer.

    2. Thou shall not joke about marketsurfer.

    3. Thou shall compliment on his calls through PMs or replying to his posts.

    4. Thou shall spam (practical joke) on a ET member talks negative of marketsurfer.

    5. Thou shall buy 2 T-shirts on his website every month.
  2. You could have just apologized and let it go at that.

    Now you want to bury yourself even further?

    This no longer about your practical joke attempt, it is about you and your need for attention and jealousy of others who have earned the respect of their peers.

    Frankly, I am disappointed. You are now behaving just as Oddidiot would if in a similar situtation.

    Just let it go. You will be better off in the long run.

    My suggestion would be to kill this thread, let you cool down, and think about it overnight...see how you feel in the morning.
  3. 6. Thou shall ask the moderaters to kill a thread that is against all Surfanists.

    7. Thou shall not take any humour or contradicting comments against Surfanity.
  4. 8. Thou shall not take "LOL" as an answer...


  5. 9. Thou shall not accept that they are like Oddiott's last few posts and also not realize it.

    Keep those PMs coming...
  6. I don't think this argument really means so much. It has to do with how surfer feels.....

    I think there's no point....:confused:

  7. some fine meats and cheeses?
  8. This is probably the first and last time I will ever get involved in the bs that circulates around this place most of the time...

    But, WD Gann, after about a year in this place, listening to more demented and deranged mo'fo' take the prize man...Not only are you arrogant and self involved, you are a complete and total fool...Congratulations, you really take the grand prize...
  9. 10. Thou shall try to be a psychologist and try to profile someone who is against surfanity. Statistically, Anti-surfans are insanely stupid (6 out of 26), Insanely jealous (12 out of 26), Ignorantly A-holes ( 3/ 26), Puny weakasses (1 / 26), like a gay transvestite trying to be like surf (my favorite... 1 / 26) and crudely cheap ( 1 / 26).

    11. Thou shall have a short memory on any surfanity matters.

    12. Raelians suck!!! Surfanity Rocks!!!
  10. 13. Thou shall correlate and sync between other surfans, not the market.

    14. Thou shall threat to put anti-surfans in the ignore list.
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