Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woe

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  1. What will the millions of people graduating from university after they go out there in the real world and find no jobs??
  2. Wow, that's surprising coming from a country like Germany that craves order.
  3. That's a cheaper way to keep the auto industry busy, they'll have to build replacements.
  4. This is the piker part of the population.

    In the real world, there are jobs for the educated, not so for the dumb ie plumbers, carpenters, etc... Just open up a newspaper, there are jobs for accountants, health care, teachers, etc...
  5. ohh the prejudice....

    arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand
  6. I agree there's plenty of work for mba's that just got wacked from their finance jobs.

    I will hire them to shovel cow shit on my farm
  7. The idiots on this website never fail to surprise.

    A flyfishing buddy of mine is a plumber. He owns several million+vacation home lake front property in montana, california, ranches in several states NV, & has the $$$cash to flyfish anywhere on the planet as often as he wants....makes well into 6 figures yearly....all from being a "Dumb" plumber.

  8. Read Blood In the Streets. Incredibly insightful, even if you don't go along with the authors philosophy.
  9. Yeah, I was gonna say. I've known folks from plumbers to car mechanics who are *way* more intelligent (and capable) than a lot of college grads I've know. There are lots of highly educated people who are barely functional in society. It makes you wonder how they even graduated.

    A college degree certainly gives your ship a tail wind, but it's not the alpha and omega as we were raised to believe.
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