Arsenio Hall....

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  1. Was a sensation for a year or two also.....
  2. Palin was a sensation for a week or two
  3. I think Arsenio is more qualified than Palin.

  4. The fact that a mixed raced man is about to win the Presidency is just killing you and the rest of your racist friends isnt it :D :D
  5. Ouch! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  6. I don't care that Obama's a half-breed. Neither do my friends. I'd vote for a black guy 100 times over before I'd vote for a non-Christian.

    I only care that he's a lying, anti-American Marxist lawyer.
  7. kut2k2


    Yeah, you don't care at all about his race. :p

    Your response to the thread "McCain is pulling out of Michigan - A new hope":

    You're not just a racist, you're a coward. You should be proud of your bigotry 24/7, not just when you think it's amusing to be so.

    Heil Hitler! :D
  8. You can't say that about a black guy, that makes you a racist!! So does winning any argument with a liberal but hey...
  9. I meant to ask you, since I've seen you make similar comments in the past. Are you pure blooded? I assume you're not a half-breed, right? If so, what blood runs pure through your veins?
  10. Yeah... to bad this pabst guy doesn't walk out tomorrow morning and get his narrow-minded head blown off... but then again it's probably too small a target to hit even with a shotgun!
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