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  1. Mecro


    Man What the FUCK?

    Granted I did make quite a few trading mistakes as Im learning a new style but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this market? I knew Dow was gonna bounce back but how the fuck am I taking hits of 30-50 cents on advancing stocks? I'm certainly not getting in on the top.

    Not a damn thing works. Longs dont work, shorts dont work. Market churning away, yet somehow it is an up day. Most of the stocks I scanned were not advancing nor really declining. SPX up 10 points. What?
    And opening a stock up a few points and then churning it in a pathetic range is not considered an advancing stock in my book. CNBC needs to learn that.

    This is unbelievable. On an up day like this in January I would be up almost 2k by 11:30 already. Today, I never even touched gross positive. Bad day or not for me, this market has turned to shit.

    I need to go out and get fucked up, but now I'm scared to even spend money. I dont know about other trading vechiles, but NYSE is becoming close to untradable. Even if you are on the right side, you somehow end up losing sometimes. If you are on the wrong side, do not even bother to expect good fills unless you want to be unpleasantly surprised 90% of the time. Meanwhile I'm watching a volatile Naz stock and making some calls which would have saved my day. Why the fuck am I still trading this NYSE garbage?

    Ok I think Im done venting. You may proceed to insult, critisize and comment. But please, no "look at XYZ". I saw them and I was probably in them.
  2. abogdan


    We all have been there, my sympathy to you. Have some vodka, a few cigarets and may be something else .... Everything will look better tomorrow.

  3. Cheese


    DOW .. just love you so much. :)

    This index futures has this week given 5 days of some real kick arse day swings/moves.

    Thing is I can go with days of giant moves or moves that are big enough in the day, say at least one swing of around 50/60 points.

    Any other DOW viewpoints?
  4. Agree with ya Mecro. I was 200% long starting the day today and only ended up about 6%. Last year I would have made $10K, instead of $4K.

    wtf??? :confused:
  5. jingo911


    the NYSE is toast; NASDAQ is next.

    stocks are now, only good for shorting or swing longs from exits from recessions. ie. swing long last year

    total loco market. :eek:

    come trade futures.
  6. Virtouso


    Lol. What an idiot.
  7. MR.NBBO



    Very, very tough market, even when your right. NYSE is worthless....the worst I've ever seen. The pennying and other illegalities ocurring down there are mind blowing.

    .....also agreed, go get f*kd up......we've been lit up for 3 weeks here.....won't even set foot into this sh*t. :p

    Sometimes the best course of action is none at all. Save your money for a rainy day.......don't waste it on this market environment.

    CHEERS (hic!)
  8. c_verm


    DOW Is my money Cow!

    I love trading the Dow. My system only pops trading signals once every few months which isnt much but I hand not lost yet on trading my Dow plays.

    YUesterdays selloff on terrorists was perfect, and todays rebounde was even better. I find the Dow to be much easier to trade then some stocks. When I trade the Dow I us options which make the smaller moves feel like big ones.
  9. Lost nine percent yesterday.
    Gained six percent today.
    On monday I'll make five percent.
  10. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    So sit on your ass and dont do anything till the market starts to make sense to you again. Being a trader is as much about knowing when not to trade as it is about trading.

    #10     Mar 12, 2004