Arrival Of Israeli King,Then Mahdi,Then Isa,Then Jesus Christ

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  1. We 'lose'. Although some of us will do 'exploits' along the way.I meant some are now talking about the coming Israeli King (and 'Elijah') but not mentioning the Mahdi and the false 'jesus',Isa.You have to be aware of all the false messiahs/prophets or you'll likely fall halfway.
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  2. Here ya go CKof I Repeat this three times and you will be fine.

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    The answer would probably be yes if you believe in an all knowing God.

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    You must see the problem there, then. Free will? If God knows, at the time of her conception, that a woman will abort her baby (which act He condemns) in twenty years, why does He allow the mother's conception? At the least, how can He consider the act a sin?
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    this is the very short version of my view of theology ... typos are gratis...

    the Christian theology behind it is ---

    man could have chosen to stay protected in Gods grace and energy but man was not / would not have been happy if he could not make his or her own choices.
    Eve chose the apple because she was told she would be like God and never die. Man wants to be God.

    Traditional focus - ask for God's grace so we can be with him.
    Eastern and Modern focus... make yourself God.

    Its how we handle choices individually and collectively which should reveal to us whether we should choose to try and be God or we should ask for God's mercy and grace to be with him.
    Sin lets us know we are are falling short of the mark.

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  6. 'The' 62 heptads must be a period of time.It can't be years but days can fit.62 x 77 gives us 13.07 years.Counting back from 2028 brings us to 2015 for the temple to start to be built or the 'messiah' to appear.My guess is the Mahdi will receive the oath of allegiance at the Kaba ... days later.
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    Tsing Tao

    Just out of curiosity. How is it you believe you can plan this stuff out when supposedly Mark 13:32

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  8. Meaning 666 (some manuscripts say 616) days later.
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  9. Gog and Magog in Islam.Silly story but necessary to stop them thinking! A King in prehistory called Zulqarnain ruled the whole known World and going North he met a people who complained about two unruly (human,derived by the scholars from the 999:1 ratio of 'hellbound' to 'heaven bound',the cheese tastes sweeter when you have to work for it) tribes: Gog and Magog.He agreed to build a barrier to seal up these tribes but warned it will be breached when Allah so decides.When Gog and Magog pierce the barrier,they will besiege Isa and the believers in a fortress in Jerusalem.This siege will last long enough that an ox's head will be worth 100 dinars (Gold coins).Then Isa and the believers will pray and Allah (in their view) will send worms to kill Gog and Magog.I think this siege will last longer than 5 months .Why 2 tribes and why human? To account for the locusts from 'hell' and the 200 million creature army in Revelation 9 but to prevent people making the connection.God help them.
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