Arrival Of Israeli King,Then Mahdi,Then Isa,Then Jesus Christ

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  1. My postings seem to be appearing in almost real time now,thank goodness.Anyone wants to email/pm me i'll give them a link to more concise information.Interesting tidbit: (Nothing to do with the Bible (you know what I mean) but interesting none the less). Dow high this year - Assuming another 18 month leg down to a true bottom ie assets finding their intrinsic value,no more FED games (that 'work' anymore),takes us to mid - 2015. Good time for a 'saviour' to appear.Everyone is looking for truth and fairness and here he is! The Jews believe the first five books of the pentateuch reflect the years of Israel so Deuteronomy 30:3 'was' 1948.If we go to Deuteronomy 32:21 (2016) first part: ' They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God;...' If you look at why the Jews didn't believe in Jesus,you can see their coming King in their reading of scripture.The King who will be pierced and mourned over by the whole nation like Josiah will be their King pierced by Isa,see Zechariah 12:10-11.That's why there'll be a falling away.The Jews will be reading their scriptures on tv and saying 'look,here he is.' It's going to be very bizarre.The second most pressing event right now is the DOW high,so get some extra food in,just in case it's a sudden collapse.The most important issue for anybody is to get saved,of course, because we never know when we will die.
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  2. if you look at history, most people are killed due to religion or religious wars

    The whole world will one day understand that there is no religion but only a creator.

    To reach to that level, we need more education more questioning, more suspicion

    Once we get there, there will be no more wars no more killing.

    How stupid/brain washed be, to kill someone else just because they believe the same god/ same creator but name it differently?

    Alas, killing still going on.
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  3. Most Christians do not know that most of the ingredients in Bible was taken out thousands of years ago by scholars at that time.

    One of the parts that was taken out was "The lost book of Enoch"

    That and other parts/books were used to be in Bible, but not anymore.


    Oh, well there was too much explicit language, too much and too detailed sex. In these books that were taken out from Bible, it was talking about gods (in plural) who seemed to love sex. And sex was explicitly described so much so that it was taken out of Bible.

    Question; who were gods? Why were these things in the Bible in the first place?

    Who was Enoch? Who were Anak? (Anunaki?) Why are gods having sex with women from world? Don't they have women in their own planet or whereever they came from? Why god was written in plural?

    Why are these things put in Bible in the first place?

    Why all these historical events in Bible, exacty described in prior books like in Sumerian scripts? How do we know Bible is not a copy of that? How come there is so much coincidence?

    Questions questions

    But no answer

    Yet the killing still going on. Too much stupidity. Killing in the name of false belief.
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    You're just another atheist who doesn't have a clue.

    More than 100 million people were killed in the twentieth century alone by atheists/communists in their desire to rule over mankind.

    Get a clue or shut up, moron.
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  5. Athesit is a non believer

    I believe in a creator, there is a power/system/technology something that created us and the universe. but I do not believe in religion

    what is a 100MM compared to people killed everyday today?

    read learn and then comment
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  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Uh, quite a lot!

    Are you for real?
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    I keep seeing "Muad'Dib" in the title, and thinking, "spice!"
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    Tsing Tao

    LOL! The spice must flow.
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  10. 'Shivi'im heptads' really refers to 70 'sevens',not 77 years.So 70 77's are decreed on Daniel's people.We can date Abraham's birth to 2226BC or 2229BC depending on whether Cyrus' 'decree' was 536BC or 539BC. In Gabriel's explanation to Daniel,he mentions that the time decreed includes putting an end to sin.Which implies that it includes the millennial reign of Christ because the Gog,Magog rebellion occurs at its end when Satan is released and rebellion is sin.So - 70x77 = 5390.5390-1000 = 4390.4390-2229=2161AD as the end of the 70 '77s'.I take the 7 77s as being from Cyrus' decree until Jesus Christ.We have two periods that are not of 77 years.We have the covenant week and the 62 weeks.So I take 2x77 from the 2161AD figure: 2161-154= 2007.The 68th '77' ended in 2007 (probably! because we don't know if biblical parents were x years and 1 month old or x years and 11 months for example).So now we just need the 7 year covenant period and the 62 week (perhaps literally 62 weeks) after which the Israeli King will be cut off.When I have time I'll post a few more Bible verses.It's quite clear from the Jewish Orthodox Bible that the 'Abomination' who stands in the holy place will be Isa.They read all these things but don't understand them.Very upsetting.Anyway,it's obvious to me that the starting gun for the end times has been fired and it's all going to happen sooner rather than later (notwithstanding the inherent uncertainties that make complete accuracy impossible).
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