Arrest Warrants Issued for Wisconsin Politicians

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    The Wisconsin state senate voted today to declare the runaway democrat state senators in contempt. The sergeant of arms subsequently submitted a mandate to take the dems into custody to the state police who have issued arrest warrants for the 14 runaways.

    The arrest warrants are apparently only actionable within the state of Wisconsin itself. The runaway dems cannot be detained or arrested while they are in Illinois. If/when a democrat state senator returns to the capitol in Madison they cannot be detained or arrested while they are "in session".

    The state senate also imposed a $100.00 per day fine on each runaway senator effective today.

    The governor is expected to announce the first round of layoffs of union employees on Friday. The governor's office also said that their counsel has advised that it is not illegal for the unions to pay the hotel/dining and other expenses incurred by the runaways dems while they stay in Illinois.

    So it seems that as long as these runaway dems stay out of Wisconsin they can be put up by the unions and basically have no problems. I suppose they could go to Vegas.
  2. It's about time.
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    They should at least be able to send ninja cheesehead commandos in there and grab those bad people out of their hotel beds in the middle of the night in Illinois. Oh well. :D
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    What the Dems are doing is against the Wis. Senate rules. Maybe they'll have <s>snipers</s>....... errrr I mean police cars waiting to arrest them when they do cross back into Wisconsin.
  6. This is a perfect example of how we've arrived where were at politically. When they have the power, both left and right, they then govern as if they will never be out of power again. They over reach, lose the next election, and the side that was banged up comes back with a vengeance. It just keeps ratcheting up every few years until it's a flat out hate fest.
    Our politics has become very similar to those fighting in the middle east. They've been at each others throats for so long they don't even know why anymore. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? No one knows, and worse, no one cares. It's all about crushing the other guy.
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    Democrats participate in democracy...until something goes against them then they blow town and demand negotiations.

    Nonsense. The runaway dems abandoned democracy, left town to avoid "losing". Totally worthless human flotsam..

    The bill will be passed. Next time try winning the governors office and a majority in the state assembly and senate instead of whining about being crushed.
  8. Oh please... you can't obfuscate the libturds' bad behavior with some phony, imaginary equivalence. There's no comparison. And this is not about "crushing" the other guy. Wisconsin is broke and Walker is just doing what needs to be done and nobody before him had the courage to do.
  9. Yeah, and Repubs rail away about legislating from the bench until some judge kills heath-care, THEN it's perfectly OK. Blah, blah, blah. It's a game of one up the other guy, nothing more, nothing less.
    Actually I agree with you on the subject of the Dems running from their job. They should have stayed and taken the beating, and then went out day and night telling the people that while the big boy's got tax breaks, which threw more fuel on the deficit fire, the budget got balanced on their nickel. Then let the chips fall where they may next election based on those facts. People still vote republican after that, then they deserve the fucking they get down the road.
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    Perfectly legitimate example of republican hypocracy.

    But I don't seen any republicans abandoning their legislative posts to avoid a defeat. They're willing to abide by agreed-upon senate rules.
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