Arrest made in New Jersey home invasion caught on nanny cam

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  1. This guy is only looking at a 10-20 year sentence.. FUCKING REALLY!? This is exactly why everyone should own and carry a gun (with the exception of insane people and felons), every single household. This could have turned out much better for this woman, her family, and society if she was armed, or got armed while he was upstairs stealing her stuff. It would have been priceless to see this motherfuckers face had he come down the stairs after pillaging her stuff to beat her some more, but in the meantime she had grabbed a gun.. and proceeded to dump the whole mag into his head.

    Max 20 years.. what a joke! He broke into her home, and tried to kill her in front of her child, there are no 'second chances' after that. If this were my family, I'd already be planning how I was going to kill this fuck when he gets out, it has to be done.
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    Android devices can serve as inexpensive, very high definition, motion detecting cameras. Photos can be uploaded to a website and even emailed to you in realtime. As prices fall on used phones we should be catching a lot more criminals. I have a tablet for watching movies, when I'm out it's charging while serving as surveillance. It can operate in the "obvious" mode, show a nice, bright, picture of what it's transmitting, or it can be hidden and stealthy.

    It's a very high probability that the perp in that kind of crime is a psychopath. We have the means to diagnose psychopathy with 100% accuracy. If we diagnose them at their very first crime and put their faces on the web like molesters, we would have a head's up in what we are dealing with. Police could go to their list of psychopaths for initial suspects and it would be direct aid in solving half of all serious crimes.
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    At least they caught him. It's too bad he didn't try to have a shootout with the police.
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    That's something these feral pigs do not understand. For every victim they harm they piss off relatives. Did this idiot ever consider the woman may have a relative that would like nothing more than to deliver a slow painful death? If anyone did that to one of my family members I would make it my mission regardless of the consequences. Juice me up on the prison death bed, I don't care. As long as this pig dies screaming it is all good.
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    Psychopaths do not feel fear, they do not learn from their mistakes. That is why three strikes laws are so effective, they eventually get their third strike and do 25-life..
  6. You make a very persuasive argument with the three strikes law. Recently, I've paid closer attention when reading articles about all the various crimes going on..sure enough, the perps typically have a rap sheet a couple of pages long. They are career criminals who exploit the system time and time again.
  7. So, if one was to design a system to create a career criminal, what do you suppose it would look like?

    Me personally, I think a good start is to offer zero opportunities to teens. Strong child labor laws (currently about the only thing a 15 yo can do is operate a water faucet) increase min wage and realize every minority emplyee is a candidate for a civil rights suit.
  8. A dude i grew up with, during his freshman year of college, was racing a friend of his and the other guy crashed and died. My friend, was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years.. that's right 10 FUCKING YEARS. I have no idea how, but it happened. He didn't serve the whole sentence, and I think he got out after 3-4 years (not sure exactly how long it was). How can it be possible that our legal system is so far off? How could my friend get 10 years for.. whatever it is he did, and this animal only has the possibility of getting 20? Also, if my friend can get out early, so can this guy, and that is fucking unacceptable. Society has really gone soft, this piece of shit should NEVER be free again, at bare minimum. If that were my wife/sister/mother I honestly doubt I could live with myself knowing what he did and that he was a free man, and do nothing about it.

    as an aside: I believe counterfeiting can get you a 20 year sentence, and that is somehow just as bad as what this guy did? not a fucking chance.
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    To me three strikes and you're out. Should mean you're taken "out back" the court house and shot. Right fucking now.
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