ARogueTrader = Scientist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Party Aminal, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. As you may have noticed, we have a new fool posting all over ET. He goes by the name, "ARogueTrader." This person pretty much came out of nowhere and quickly began a posting fury. Many of the posts are long-winded babbles, paragraph after paragraph of nonsense.

    ARogueTrader registered in 4-15-03 and made 0 posts until 9-10-03. His average is displayed as 1.49/day, yet his true average is 5.55/day.

    ARogueTrader = OPTIONAL777
  2. In one of the religion threads, he spouts about
    his magic faith knowledge and challenges
    science and the intellect EXACTLY like 777 did in
    another religion thread a few months ago.

    I assumed it was 777 pretty early on.

    Exactly the same theistic argument.


  3. Mr. axeman, yes, I think you may be onto something. He is also obsessed with attacking Don B., just like 777.

    My apologies, Scientist, if I am incorrect.:p
    ARogueTrader = OPTIONAL777

  4. seisan


    Whoever he/they are, there always seems to be that underlying
    tone of an unhappy, angry soul lashing out against the world...
    coming out of nowhere to trash and crap out threads with no thought
    but his/their own small-minded, destructive interests...

    Sad and inexcusable.

    Baron and the Moderators should tighten down the parameters
    of being off-topic on threads - even here in Chit-Chat -
    and shovel the crappers right into the poop heap when
    they're obviously just into their own little crap 'n trash games.

    ET continues to lose too many better contributers and readers
    due to the same characters who insist on remaining junior-high jerks!
  5. Yeah.... as soon as I saw the Don attack, just 10 minutes ago,
    that SEALED it for me, as well as the lack of denial.

    777 = ARogueTrader.....

    SEE.... you DON'T need magical faith powers to find
    the truth 777. LMAO! :D



  6. It's official, ARogueTrader = OPTIONAL777. hehehe:D

    To detect future aliases of OPTIONAL777, some big clues are:

    1- extreme religious bias
    2- obsession with attacking Don B.

    Party Aminal
    Chief of ET Police Department
  7. Maverick74


    Whoever he is, I would love to chat with him one on one and see how talkative he really is in person. My guess is he wouldn't make a peep.
  8. seisan


    You'll more than likely find him and his other alias' over on Yahoo!, too...