Arod or Jeter?

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Who is the better player

  1. Arod is better

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  2. Jeter is better

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  3. Arod is better, but he is an ass so the media hate him

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  1. nitro


    I have been combing some stats. Take a look at this:

    Similar statistics except in one category: arod hits an average 44 HRs a year, has a .578 slugging % average, and can carry a team on his back.

    Is it my imagination, or does the media put these two players in the same league [ridiculous], and in fact prefer Jeter?

    Granted, Arod is an ass to his teammates, but the stats are the stats.

  2. I think Jeter is a better clutch hitter than Arod. In fact, Arod is a bum when it comes to being a clutch hitter. Even when he was in Seattle and Texas he was a bum. He is all about the money. Derek is also more of a team player.
  3. Jeter 4 rings

    A-Rod 0 rings
    Jeter team captain

    A-Rod never a team captain

    Jeter will do ANYTHING to win

    A-Rod not so sure about that

    The two should never be compared statistically. By the time A-Rod's career is over, he will shatter some of the most hallowed offensive numbers in MLB history. His offensive numbers will be talked about 100 years from now (but will he be remembered as a winner, like DJ?)

    Jeter is not a power hitter. He is a prototypical #2 hitter. Perfect inside-out swing to drive the ball to right field (moving the runner up a base).

  4. nitro


    Fine. Here:

    This guy deserves a single digit on his back? Come on. No question HOF, but in this list?

    1 Martin
    2 Jeter?
    3 Ruth
    4 Gehrig
    5 DiMaggio
    7 Mantle
    8 Berra
    9 Maris

    Arod should wear #6, and then retired.

  5. 1) That article is the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever read (including stock_trad3rs posts).

    This sentence is pure rubbish--

    "They had analyzed the outcomes to determine who was best at turning hit balls into outs. One of their conclusions was that Jeter was probably the least effective defensive player in the major leagues, at any position."

    The worst at "any position"? That assinine statement alone gives the writer ZERO credibility.

    2) That list of retired numbers shows the greatest of the great (except for Martin, and Bill Dickey also wore #8 but you chose Yogi).

    3) Jeters career is much better than Martin or Maris.

    4) Ruth, DiMaggio, and Mantle were triple crown caliber OUTFIELDERS. Can't compare that to a middle infield player (with the exception of A-Rod, there has never been a legitimate year in and year out triple crown threat at SS or 2B).

    5) Jeter was drafted by the Yankees right out of high school and has been the face of the organization since 1996. He is a class act (something big, especially in this era of spoiled rich athletes getting in trouble).

    No reason to hate on his lack of power. Not everyone can be a home run hitter.

    He is a career 316 hitter who averages well over 100 runs scored every season. Great numbers for a #2 hitter. Throw in 275 stolen bases, a handful of gold gloves, the record for postseason hits, a World Series MVP, an All Star MVP, his well spoken about "intangibles", 4 championships, and you have a lock HOF and true Yankee legend.
  6. nitro



    I am talking about having a single digit on his back in a Yankees uniform. I am not saying he is not a HOF and a class act. I am saying he can't tie Arods shoes. Are they going to retire #2? Come on. Retiring a single digit in a Yankees uniform should be blatantly obvious, like Arod.

    Martin is in there as a manager, not a player. Maris probably should not be a retired single digit.

    Saying Bill James has zero credibility analyzing baseball stas is like saying Paul Tudor Jones can't trade. THE STATS ARE THE STATS!
  7. 1) No one can tie A-Rod's shoes. His numbers are obscene. But he still has never come close to winning anything.

    2) The "single digit" Yankees are mostly home grown players (except Ruth and Maris). The organization takes pride that they were Yankees for life. Derek fits that bill as well.

    I'm not taking anything away from A-Rod. He is the greatest player I have or probably will ever see (I voted for him in the poll above, not the one where the media hates him). When his career is over, some of his records may stand forever, he's that good.

    The only mark against Jeter is he's not a power hitter. Other than that, he's one of the top ten Yankee position players ever. Well deserving of a single digit retired number.
  8. bronks


    Not taking anything away from A-Rod, but I don't really consider him a power hitter. I know it sounds odd considering he'll probably demolish the all time HR record, Still... his HR's have a tendancy to either just clear the wall or into the stands a few feet. Also, I don't think pitchers really "fear" him. I'm not a stat person so I could be wrong but shouldn't his intentional walks be Bonds-like in numbers?

    Like I said, he's a freak with a bat or glove.
    To see someone like Vladdy or Papi launch a moonshot... now that's power.