Arnold Wins in California!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seisan, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. seisan


    Arnold Elected Governor of California - Wins Recall Vote !

    Now he's got some real Heavy Lifting to do ! :D
  2. So I guess there won't be a terminator 4 movie... damn
  3. seisan


    Not so sure about that....... :)

    Terminator 4 may have just started -
    with mean 'ol Gray Davis just the first
    bad guy tossed out on his ear...! :D

    I mean, this is all just a movie, isn't it?.... :eek:
  4. Yeah!

    Only if Cubs won today...

    but Sammy made me cry again... tie breaker on 9th was beautiful...

    Mixed night tonight...

    and hangin' over tomorrow :)
  5. must have been my endorsement that put him over the top.
  6. seisan



    Well then, you 'da man, Gekko! :cool: :cool:

    Along with all of the Republican and Independent prognosticators... and most of the Democrat pollsters...

    At least as to the "win" part... :D

    ... you just know there's 36 million Californians on their knees prayin' that he does do a good job... :D