"Army Times" Poll on Presidential Race

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  1. In case you missed this week's issue of the Army Times here are the results of the Army Times' poll of Military personnel re the election (in percent):

    McCain Obama

    Overall 68 23

    Army 68 23

    Navy 69 24

    Air Force 67 24

    Marines 75 18

    Retirees 72 20

    White Non-Hispanic 76 17

    Hispanic 63 27

    Black/African-American 12 79

    Enlisted 67 24

    Officers 70 22

    I missed seeing this in the New York Times.
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    but, but, but...I thought it was only stupid people who would dare oppose the King? You mean to tell me that there are intelligent people, who've been educated at the best colleges in the world who'd dare to not vote for Obama?
  3. I can hear the "click clicking" of all the fingers scouring the internet right now, looking for tax records and what not to discredit these people.
  4. They McCaine guys think that Obama will put them out of work. And I hope they do.:p
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    Obama has been an advocate of making the military bigger, how does that put any of them out of work?
  6. Do you have a reference for that.
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  8. McCain is strong among veterans, he's a true American hero, who unfortunately who'd make a very bad president.
  9. A reference is this:
    Show me in one of his speeches that he intends to increase the size of the armed forces. Then I'll believe it. Otherwise its just more horse shit.
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    Likely as not you won't see the liberal media print it anywhere.

    I wonder why.
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