Army is still hiring(now up to age 42!)

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    So now all of you that are unemployed with only a high school education can get a job as long as you are 42 or younger. No excuses for not having a job now. The article says the average enlistee makes $43k per year if you include housing/subsistance alowance and tax advantages.

    If Obama keeps running the country the way he is, we will all be soldiers.
  2. Well, I have 35 days left to decide. I hope earnings season starts out nicely.
  3. Not so fast you still have to pass the physical, and since 99% of america is fat as fuck, people can just forget about signing up.
  4. Not anymore, mah brotha!

    30% body fat for men and able to do 15 pushups in a minute which is nothing especially if they dont make you go down all the way.

    Fat f*cks can now join!
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    43K/year? No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a prior Marine Officer, and KNOW how the Army likes to pump them selves up for enlistments. Looks like they've been deceptive again. Nothing new! When you read 43K, that is "someone" taking the cost of insurance into account, BAQ (even though you may live in a tent...), etc., on top of the very poor salary
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    Well, thank God for the Eagle, Globe and Anchor! No Marine Corps = we would already be speaking a foreign language, and bowing to some dictator turdhead! Ooh rah!!!!!!
  7. I'm not so sure. Looking at the Army standards, it seems more rigorous than that. I'm not sure where the cut-off is....
  8. Umm...News flash....we are speaking a foreign language. Its called English and we are in America. We dont speak any Native American, therefore we speak a foreign language.

    And arent we bowing to some dictator turdhead named Obama? I seem to see a good portion of Americans bowing to him like he is a god. (Funny enough, he bows to every leader he gets a chance to as if he is a peasant)
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