Army fires into civilians

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  1. Warning...its graphic.

    You see all those protesters marching in the street. The army fires weapons for about 10 seconds. You see at least 1 shot in the head and one in the leg...the rest scatter and 2 people who were walking at the front looking back going "where the f**k did everyone go?"

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  2. I don't want the Shiites taking over Bahrain, but that shit was just plain murder.
  3. This isn't half as graphic as the other 10-30 mideast videos to surface in the last few weeks.
  4. They should have killed them all. Shiites have no place in Sunni countries, if they so desperately want a Shiite government they should move to Iran.

    Actually all protesters around the world should be shot by their governments, protesters are gay and retarded. What is this childish crap walking down the streets chanting slogans.

    I actually like the fact that the Iranian gov is able to end protests so quickly just by murdering the pussy-ass protesters.
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    The Army was willing to kill civilians, that's what happens in Moslemville I guess.

    With all this unrest wouldn't one think that OPEC would be weakened? Isn't that the secret to breaking the power of a cartel, raising the animosity factor?

    What would happen really, how bad would the period of adjustment be, if OPEC shut off the tap forever... there is plenty of other oil but prices would have to rise to the point of really punishing people and businesses in the US before they would actually welcome the newer technologies with open arms... people would cut back on everything oil related, slap up solar panels on their houses and get back to business as usual...

    Trying to bring those tribal morons into the third millennium is a waste of time, it will take generations before they make any progress.....
  6. America is lucky King George did not subscribe to your belief system, the colonists would have been rounded up and shot before they ever got a chance to stage their rebellion...

  7. Imagine if we didn't wait for something like that to happen, that we took it upon ourselves to avoid such an unnecessary tragedy as another oil becoming energy independent right now. Imagine planning to avoid a disaster, especially when we were given a wake up call nearly 30 years ago.

    Now why is it that we are not energy independent? Whose fault is that really?

  8. I'll bet you jackass anti-gun activists wish you had guns. [​IMG]
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    Tsing Tao

    dont get partisan. it's both sides of the isle at fault. we should have a nation of nuclear reactors right now. we dont. the enviro groups have been hating on nuclear power since its creation as a power source. the right is in bed with big oil (and so is some of the left). the economy is based on petroleum and both the right and left know that if we take fossil fuels out of the equation, millions of jobs go up in smoke.
  10. guns? you should see Libya, The Libyan army is firing anti aircraft missiles and artillery rounds into the crowd
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