Army Corps: Low Mississippi River levels...

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    Hello Again.

    From the Inside Agriculture Report of Thomson Reuters for the Day of 28th December 2012,

    exist the following News:


    US Army Corps fights to keep Mississippi River open for shipping

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday ramped up its fight against

    rapidly falling water levels on the Mississippi River,

    a day after shippers warned the nation's busiest waterway may effectively shut to commerce next week.

    The Corps released water from a southern Illinois lake into the river to aid transportation.

    It would not affirm shippers' forecasts for a potential closure but said water levels had decreased

    faster than expected due to ice forming in the river.

    Workers also resumed clearing river-bottom rocks after a fourday holiday

    break to keep goods flowing on a key stretch near Thebes, Ill.

    A group of shippers on Wednesday warned that river commerce at Thebes could "come to an effective halt"

    earlier than expected on January 3 or 4 due to declining water levels,

    disrupting the flow of billions of dollars worth of grain

    and other goods from the central United States to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

    The shippers had previously projected such a closure in mid January.


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