Armstrong 2nd in Time Trial

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  1. Jan Ulrich beats Lance Armstrong at the 33k mark of today's time trial by 40 seconds in the most important Time Trial of Armstrong's career.

    Alexander Vinokourov of Kazakhstan, who is 2nd Overall in the Tour comes in third, behind Lance.

    Jan Ulrich, who Armstrong has always felt was his biggest threat, now jumps up from 6th overall into atleast 3rd, and maybe even 2nd as I write this.

    He's still out on the course!

  2. for a 47 kilometer Time Trial today, which is the best time of the day thus far. That comes out to 29 mph for almost an hour straight! Unreal.

    Armstrong is still out on the course!~
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    please don't ruin it for those of us who watch it on OLN every night.
  4. It's on OLN every morning at 6AM PST.


    5AM PST tomorrow!