Armistice Day: a time to remember the troops

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jakejones, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Today is a day to remember our troops who have fought and died for you and me in many wars.

    It is a particularly worrying moment in history, with the dark forces of Islamic Terrorism planning evil attacks against us and our allies, Israel.

    We must therefore ready ourselves for more war, with the Iranian and Syrian terrorists who wish harm upon our Israeli allies.

    God bless USA and Israel and their troops, on this most solemn of days.

    Jake Jones Cohen
  2. Thank you for reminding us. :) .
  3. Its a pleasure.

    I bowed my head in honor of Israeli and American troops and civilians murdered by Muslim terrorists.

    We will never forget 911.

    We must and will avenge 911 and pre-empt a future 911, so Terrorist Iran (TI) and Evil Syria (ES) are next for punishment.

    TIES (Terrorist Iran Evil Syria) will be attacked sometime in 2012 I hope.

    God bless Israel and USA and other civilized nations.

  4. rew


    It is time to remember the troops by voting for Ron Paul who will bring them home.

    Paul gets more contributions from active members of the military than all other Republican candidates combined.

    Support the troops. Support Ron Paul.

    You will note that the biggest advocates of war, like jakejones, William Kristol, or Bill O'Reilly, have never seen combat.