Armed self-defense

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  1. These instances often make the local news, but the national media never covers them...

    Everyone is carrying concealed handguns in Michigan these days. We are actually an open carry state, but most people carry concealed. Law abiding citizens as well as criminals are carrying.

    For some bizarre reason when attacking legally armed law abiding citizens, these criminals often lose badly...humh so strange??
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    True, the gun hating leftist media doesn't want the uniformed sheeple to find out just how often armed citizens prevent crimes.
    I'd have to look it up again to be certain but I think the estimate is something over a million times a year. I AM guessing here, but I'd almost bet armed citizens prevent more crimes than police do. I know they shoot far fewer innocent bystanders than police do.
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    I'm reminded of the argument against mandating seatbelt use, "what about those cases where the driver is thrown clear?"
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    Outstanding! You'll see a reduction of home invasions, rapes, robberies, etc., when the shitbags aren't sure if their victim can shoot back or not. Now if the shitbags knew they were unlikely to be armed, yes, crimes will be committed. Our communist president and his demonazi thugs would rather it be the later where law abiding people can't defend themselves.:mad:
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    Agreed! And yes, the msm is akin to pure Hollywood these days; entertainment, not news.
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  7. When Seat belt use became mandatory it increased medical costs.
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    Was that a right guaranteed by the Constitution? Maybe in the Bill of Rights? "The government shall pass no law infringing upon the citizen's right not to wear a seat belt." LOL :D
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