Armageddon Soon. People Are Losing It. Gerald Celente 7-5-09

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, Aug 3, 2009.

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  2. so, what do we do?

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  3. OK, "ET Thinkers".... who are you going to believe? Obama, Geithner, Pelosi, Frank, et al, or Celente?
  4. ElCubano


    read "PATRIOTS. a novel of survival in the upcoming collapse" by James Wesley, Rawles or go to his blog... ...peace
  5. fox news brings on someone who thinks obama will destroy america. is that news? is it even a surprize?
    every generation has its doomsday preachers. how many times have they been right? kind of reminds me of the jesus will return any day crowd.
  6. Do some research on Celente, at least, before you lump him in with everyone else, left, right or center.
  7. This Guy is even better...

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  8. Celenete is going to nail this call.

    Urban area unemployment is OFFICIALLY approaching 18% in many areas of the country, north, east, south and west.

    There's no way the real rate of unemployment can be less than 30% in urban centers, and 20% overall.
  9. " The unemployment rate climbed in all of the U.S.'s biggest urban areas during June, and 18 places had joblessness of at least 15%.

    "For the sixth consecutive month, all 372 metropolitan areas had over-the-year unemployment rate increases," the Labor Department said in its report Wednesday.

    The numbers in the department's Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment report are not seasonally adjusted.

    The report said 144 metro areas reported jobless rates of at least 10%, up from six areas a year prior.

    El Centro, Calif., had the largest jobless rate from June 2008, at 27.5%. Yuma, Ariz., was second with 23.1%. The lowest rate was in Bismarck, N.D., at 3.8%."