Arlen Spector: Preps Bill To Sue Bush

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  1. Hopefully, one of the first acts of the new Republican Majority leader in the new congress will be to strip this backstabbing ingrate of his Judiciary Committee Chairmanship.
  2. I love the irony. Specter faced stiff opposition in the last election, he barely beat Pat Toomey in the primary. Specter won with the help of Bush, who campaigned heavily for him. Specter is a horrible congressman who should have been voted out IMHO, and Bush is WORSE for helping keeping Specter in.
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    Bush could have made a real statement on behalf of conservatives by refusing to help Spector.

    I'm sure the thinking was that Toomey would lose Spector's seat and hurt Bush's chances at PA in the process. The corollary occurred. Conservatives (Santorum's base) sat the election out and Kerry carried.
  4. Finally, a republican who puts what is right (correct) over what is right wing...
  5. sorry.. spector is a poodle and the magic bullet is still a knee slapper.
  6. Spectre may be a poodle, but he is shitting right on this issue...

    You don't see that fake democrat Joe "I got to a kiss from Bush" Lieberman suggesting that Bush be sued for overstepping authority.

  7. i guess the emergence of a true presidential dictatorship transcends party loyalty. the constitution was born in PA after all
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    Dictatorship? Have CBS, CNN, and the New York Times been shut down? Is Michael Moore in exile? Is Mrs. Huffington being forced at knifepoint to pose wearing an Abu Grab bondage mask? Have elections been postponed?

    Just because the administration asserts enemy combatants can be detained indefinitely or that telephone conversations of foreign nationals monitored, does not a dictatorship make.
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