Arlen Specter(D)-Pennsylvania

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  1. I cannot believe there were NO threads about this here at Storm Fr....I mean Politics and Religion.

    I wonder what Speaker Pelosi will do with that?
  2. we have a filibuster-proof majority. now we're gonna kick some repug azz :D
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    I am unwilling to have my twenty-nine year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.---Arlen Specter Switches.htm

    What more proof is necessary that this guy is out to lunch, a nut, and belongs in the republican party's rear view mirror. He'll be right at home with his new party affiliation, where they think more in terms of entitlement than elections.

  5. All this will do is run the USA further down the toilet.

  6. Pelosi looks like Skeletor, and acts like a lunatic.
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    The left didn't really need the supermajority as they were already planning on getting their way through:

    Budget reconciliation
    International treaties
    Eventually the courts
    Liberal republicans joining the cause (Snowe, Collins, and McCain)

    And that's just a few examples. The right should have taken lessons from the left on how to fight the fight. I don't believe they will get the chance again. We now have an unchecked 1 party system. Game over.

    The supporters of the left are rejoicing now because they think only the right will be hurt by this new development, but sooner or later, the effects of upcoming legislation will be felt by them, too. Just wait and see. Unchecked power never has a happy ending.
  8. Where were you when the patriot act was passed?

    Unchecked power is bad, no doubt, but Obama's power is not unassailable nor does it come from some ridiculous nonsense (wartime presidency).

    If you questioned moron W in 2002 you were unpatriotic, questioned troops in the field, helping the terrorists win, etc. Obama does not enjoy such mantle (and nobody will). I wanted Kerry to win in 04 for no other reason than to break "wartime presidency" chain that went all the way to 9/11. W used 9/11 to hide behind everything. Obama can't hide behind 9/11.
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    The media railed against it. Where are they now? They have chosen a side. They are no longer a check. If I'm not mistaken, Obama is keeping some of those patriot act elements intact.
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