ARKK - Retail trading has fallen to lowest levels since pre-pandemic...

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  1. The survivors of the millennial-retail investor/traders are still doubling, tripling, and quintupling down on ARKK. But there isn't that much dumb-money left to go around this time...

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    I could watch her talk about retail stocks all day. ​
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    Her funds are down over 40%%%%%

    Just imagine where these funds will be when the markets get to covid lows set in March of 2020.

    Most funds will be in the single digits to the mid teens!!! Down an astonishing 75-90% from historic highs!!
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    Cathie Wood did another interview on CNBC at the ETF Summit in Florida I believe, and she said that going forward her fund will have a 50% growth rate. I doubt it will happen in the near term but maybe after the Fed cools down the inflation.
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    Whatever guys, I'm sure you're all superstars. Her funds are 40% down, which is good considering the sector she's focused on.
    She's loaded on Tsla, which I'm sure carries a few of her down 80% picks. But the market will rebound and eventually her funds will too.

  7. Well in that case, people are worried over high-interest rates for nothing. :sneaky:
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    Eventually is the word that killed some many in trading world.
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    She had almost 50% growth recently, took her only a couple of weeks, let alone a full year, when her fund went from $51 to $72
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