ARKK (barkk?)

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  1. How the mighty have fallen.


    Only ~$10 away from the pre-covid prices now. I wonder where the bag-holders are hiding at; we haven't even seen the full devastation yet when interest rates go up and Tesla falls like a brick.
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  2. Millionaire


    FARKK :D
  3. @ChipShotTrader warned us Kathy was like the Elaine Garzerelli and Abby Joseph months or a year ago. That's why I refused pilling in, he knows money managers! I bet he made some bank shorting it!
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  4. I remember watching a bunch of millennial cult-followers of Woods getting their feathers all riffed up when it became public that Dr. Burry was shorting against ARKK and had strong conviction it was inevitable to bust. But the fan-bois were too busy shouting how stupid Michael Burry was and couldn't he clearly see what every millennial investor could see, and how could this man be 'soooo stupid!'

    Hmmm. How now brown cow?!

    I just love watching these arrogant people get what was coming. It always fascinates me how someone watching tiktok videos for just 2 weeks (or two days) in their whole life, suddenly feel they are smarter than people like Buffett & Munger combined.
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  5. ARKK is going into the $20’s sometime in 2023
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    I like SARK
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    WE know.

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    I just think besides being a good trade (I just bot a bit aftermarket) it's funny. But ok I'll cut down on mentioning it : o
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  9. maxinger


    swing traders definitely love to see such a chart.

    100 was nice support turned resistance.

    is it aiming for 40?
  10. VicBee


    With your million years experience you fail to rise above the expected reaction of an "I told you so idiots!" bear who endured 2 years of bull market and finally gets his comeuppance. Yes, you're a star:strong:.
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