Ark. police arrest man in death of TV anchorwoman

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  1. Ark. police arrest man in death of TV anchorwoman

    AP LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Police in Arkansas have arrested a man in the beating death of a popular television anchorwoman last month.

    Little Rock detective Mat Nelson says 28-year-old Curtis Lavelle Vance was arrested Wednesday night, but he did not have details.

    Earlier Wednesday, police charged Vance with capital murder but offered neither a motive behind the attack nor details about why they suspected him.

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    What does this have to do with politics or religion?
  3. He looks like Obama. What are you? Blind?
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    Oh yeah, I forgot that for your klantards, all black people look alike.
  5. Not all black people look alike but certainly most violent criminals look black.

    Was there ANY doubt that Pressly's murderer would be black?
  6. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that blacks have a disproportionately higher rate of violent crime convictions.

    Why? Who the hell knows.

    And don't give me that poverty bullshit excuse. You either value life or you don't.
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    Come January he'll probably get a presidential pardon and a cabinet post.
  8. Why?

    They are angry, they play angry music day and night, they have ugly pitbulls jumping up on the baby's crib while he's trying to sleep, everyone's yelling cause no one is getting any attention.

    Probably every tenant who calls the projects home suffers from PTSD.
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    For intelligent people, yes there would be doubt.

    If the victim is white, the chances are much higher of her killer being white than being black. Once again, you go with your gut and your gut is wrong.

  10. In Little Rock? Er.. I don't think so.

    And unless your "white" data discusses how many of those "whites" are indeed Latino those results are going to tell you little about criminal trends in Texas, Florida, SoCal, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

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