Ark of the Covenant to be revealed

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    There was a few news stories on this the last few days. I had heard these eithiopians making certain claims about the Ark. One for instance is that only 1 man is allowed to see and guard the Ark. There was a story that a man that wasnt supposed to see it, saw it, and went blind. There is also a story in the bible that there were some men (I think about 70 of them) that had decided they wanted to peek inside the Ark and the next day they were all dead.

    If these Eithiopians have the real Ark, I think this is going to be a historic occasion. We will see. I'm not going to get my hopes up though.
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    Ethiopians in general are unfortunately religious nut cases. Their lives are dominated by religious dogma.

    Despite their fervent religious beliefs and the massive amount of time, effort and money they put into religious activies and churches (instead of being productive and working so they can eat), God obviously doesn't give a shit, as Ethiopia continues to be one of the poorest countries in the world with people unnecessarily dying of starvation every day because the "rains" haven't quite come on time.

    Ethiopians, being brain-washed from birth are also experts at self and collective delusions on any number of matters - including the belief they have the "Ark".

    I'm not a big fan of generalizations but in this instance, and on this topic, Ethiopians are frighteningly homogenous.
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    Artifacts have been a going concern for centuries. I heard an expert speak, he said that Ethiopia has no ancient wood at all due to the climate...

    Regarding who prospers, read Genesis. Three families got off the Ark, Ham, Shem, and Japtheth.. it is plainly stated that "Jeptheth will prosper". Ham populated Africa and Asia, Shem the Middle East and Japtheth is Caucasians.. and Ham and Shem today largely live in dirt floor places with goats and chickens and Japtheth has roads, cars, retirement plans, corporations etc... It doesn't say one is better than another just that Japtheth will prosper...

    There is so much talk about "translations" and problems with the Bible and so much very plainly stated stuff in it.... all you people that don't read it are somewhat of a joke to me.. except it's not funny because so many of you, especially the really rich and powerful, want all of us that do understand it marginalized and dead...
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    So let me get this right:

    After they all got off the Ark two by two, when Noah was about 800 years old or so, he decided to grow some grape vines. One day he got drunk from the wine he made from the grapes.

    Whilst lying somewhere intoxicated on the floor like a tramp, one of his sons, Ham decided to have sex with his own mother (as you do) and when Noah found out about it, he put a curse on Ham's son, Canaan, such that he should be the slave of Shem and Japtheth.

    Eight, correct me if I'm wrong but it's your proposition that the decendents of this cursed Canaan are those people that now inhabit Africa and Asia?

    I seem to remember this being used as justification for slavery back in the days when I thought people were less evolved. Seems there are still some people like you who believe Genesis justifies slavery of Africans. Is that true?

    Just out of curiosity, what is your source for suggesting that the decendents of Ham and Cannan ended up in Africa and Asia?
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  6. Fake.
  7. Absolutely agree. So many people that deny the existance of God and have never read more than a page or two in the bible. Its really the equivalent of a teenager arguing with a doctor about how drugs & alchohol are not so bad because it never affected him. Its not until they are dying or dead that they will be open to the possibility that they might have been wrong

  8. Reminds me of something Sam Kennison once said,"...MOVE OUT OF THE DESERT!"
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    Most Ethiopians don't live in the desert though. They live in the rural highlands above 5,000 feet. They just don't have much of a clue about water storage and irrigation techniques etc. despite having the source of the Blue Nile.

    Some 80% of the population are employed in agriculture which also makes up for most of the countries GDP. Unfortunately, they employ agriculture and farming practices from hundreds of years ago. There is no manufacturing. Exports are almost entirely dependent on agriculture and farming. They export about $1bn but import about $6bn...their trade deficit is not good. This whole situation makes them completely and utterly at the mercy of the weather...more specifically, the rain. The capital city, Addis Abeba, as well as the rest of the country is currently experiencing 4 days out of every week without electricity because most of their electricity comes from hydroelectric generators which are in turn dependent on guess what...the rain.

    Can you imagine a capital city that doesn't have electricty for more than half of the week and it's 2009?

    That's not the worst of it though by a long way. I'll make sure I tell the next destitute 12 year old street kid who begs me to buy him some bread that there's nothing I can do, it's all Ham's fault for humping is mother after his father, Noah went on a bender one day with the grape juice.

    Genesis 9:25-27
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    Just one question, do you too believe that Genesis 9:25-27 is justification for African slavery?

    Just curious.
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