Arizona vs Stanford (20-0)

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  1. Did anyone happen to see today's game on TV?

    The undefeated Cardinal down by 4 with 50 seconds left.
    Tied at 77 all with 5 seconds left.

    Nick Robertson, of Stanford (who only had 5 points before his game winning 3-pointer ) steals the ball at the top of Arizona's key and then hoists a 35 footer that GOES IN TO WIN THE GAME, keeping Stanford undefeated, and 20-0.

    Could they be the team of destiny?
  2. When was the last time a number one team at the end of the season won the tournament?
  3. March 31st, 1975

    [n]UCLA[/n] defeating #2 Kentucky in the NCAA Finals in San Diego

    UCLA was 28-3 that year.
    They were never #1 at any point during the 1975 season. The Bruins were #2 on March 18th and then moved to #1 on March 25th, and April 2nd.


    The Bruins were 30-0 in 1964, 1967, 1972, and 1973

    The Bruins were 29-1 in 1971
    The Bruins were 28-2 in 1970
    The Bruins were 29-1 in 1969
    The Bruins were 29-1 in 1968
    The Bruins were 28-2 in 1965

    The Bruins spent the Full Season at #1 in 1967, 1969, 1972, and 1973.

    The Bruins also hold the NCAA record for most consecutive weeks at #1, ( you guessed it ) from Feb. 9th, 1971 to Jan. 15th, 1974 for a total of: 46 weeks

    Last teams to go the full season at #1: Duke, 1992 (18 weeks) and UNLV, 1991 (17 weeks).

  4. UCLA in 1995.

    The Bruins had a record of 32-1, won the NCAA Championship (defeating Arkansas 89-78) and were #1 on Feb. 27th, March 6th, and March 13th.

    The team was led by Charles and Ed O'Bannon that year, Geroge Zidek and Cameron Dollar, along with super quick point guard Tyus Edney and freshman Toby Baily who erupted for a career-high 26 points in the NCAA Championship Game. It was the first NCAA Championship in 20 years and 15 seasons since the Bruins had made the Final Four. Head Coach: Jim Harrick.
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    Can't believe they did it again, Cougs up by 5 with 20 seconds left and Stanford pulls another miracle out of it's ass.
  6. Is this the team of DESTINY or what?

    That was one of the greatest college games that I have ever seen, without a doubt!

    17 Seconds left . . .and the Cardinal down by 5, 61-56

    I thought that Stanford was totally done at this point.
    17 seconds left, and the Cardinal down by 5! The streak was about to come to an end!

    Stanford's Grunfield comes off the bench to hit a 3 from deep in the corner and gets fouled after the shot. . . goes to the line and converts!

    WSU could not inbound the ball in time and Stanford took possession, only to lose the ball and a huge scramble on the floor ensues! Lottich was on his side on the floor on the verge of going out of bounds into the bench when he flips the ball with his hands to Nick Robinson . . . Robinson dribbles around in a circle as the clock ticks down to 3.2 seconds. He couldn't find a shot and passed the ball back to Lottich who was now back up on his feet and out by the sideline of the court. Lottich didn't even hesitate and let the ball fly from 3 with 1.9 seconds left on the clock.

    The ball goes in with .4 on the clock.
    A total swish!

    Stanford scores 7 points in the last 17 seconds to win the game and stay undefeated

    It was an Amazing Game, and I went to CAL!!!

    Countdown to win

    Trailing 58-52 with less than 53 seconds remaining, Stanford came back to win.

    Time Possession Score
    52.3 WSU 2 free throws 52-58
    43.7 Haryasz layup 54-58
    43.1 WSU turnover 54-58
    39.1 Robinson layup 56-58
    37.9 WSU one free throw 56-59
    31.1 Stanford turnover 56-59
    25.3 WSU 2 free throws 56-61
    17.4 Grunfeld 3-pointer 59-61
    17.4 Grunfeld free throw 60-61
    00.0 Lottich 3-pointer 63-61
  7. If you have a chance to see highlights of the last couple of minutes of this game, do so!

    It was unreal.
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    Down goes Stanford! Down goes Stanford!
  9. Yep.

    Looks like they were a little tired, especially after taking 4-5 hours getting out of Pullman, Washington at 2AM Thursday night at WSU.

    Oh well, they are still gonna go awful far in the Tournament.
    And I am saying that as an envious CAL fan that is going thru enormous growing pains of having 3 freshman as starters!

    What is it that they say about Freshman?
    The only good thing is that they become Sophomores!