Arizona nonprofit admits laundering millions for out-of-state Republican groups

Discussion in 'Politics' started by exGOPer, Nov 6, 2012.

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    An Arizona-based nonprofit disclosed Monday that it laundered $11 million from pro-Republican groups and sent it to a campaign committee in California that’s fighting a proposed tax increase designed to support public education.

    Phoenix-based Americans for Responsible Leadership (ARL) didn’t give up their donor list without a fight, however: after an official complaint by advocacy group Common Cause triggered an investigation by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), ARL appealed their case all the way up to the California Supreme Court. They lost that case this weekend, then opted to turn over the requested information rather than fight it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    “They were attempting to hide the true source of their funds, which makes it harder for California voters to evaluate the ads that they’re seeing paid for by these funds,” Derek Cressman, vice president at Common Cause, told Raw Story on Monday.

    However, instead of revealing the true source of the money, ARL disclosed Monday that it acted as an intermediary for the $11 million, which came by way of two other pro-Republican groups: The Center to Protect Patient Rights and Americans for Job Security.
  2. Who the hell let this wind up doll loose on the forums?

    Out yourself sockpuppet or the moderators will and you can deal with the shame of all your aliases revealed.
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    Great, let them do that, I have no worries.
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    You are spamming the board, though. Why not create, e.g., a "Repugnacans need fraud to win" thread?
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    Tsing Tao

    I'm putting this tool on ignore until after the elections. Ricter is right, he IS spamming the crap out of the board.
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    I'm wondering what the deal is with all of the aliases showing up in the last few days. What is the advantage of creating an alias?

    1) Deniability?

    An established person can make all sorts of speculative assertions and if they turn out to be completely wrong and downright stupid they don't have to be subject to being reminded of their folly in the future.

    2) Reputation?

    A person who has normally been posting politely and has exhibited respectful behavior toward other members can be far more aggressive and spew personal attacks without having their reputation diminished. They can say things about somebody's spouse or mother or cite personal detail about medical conditions or attack people who have a service sector type job etc.

    3) Consensus?

    A guy can create several aliases and seek to give an impression of consensus for whatever they are asserting. I've seen sock puppets responding to themselves in some twisted attempt to give weight to whatever they are saying. It is hard to believe that anyone would take P&R so seriously but it does happen.

    I could be wrong but it looks as though *all* of these new aliases that have showed up in the last week are Obama supporters. The reports I'm seeing in the news today about polling station shenanigans and cheating seem also to be mostly involving Obama supporters. What is it in the heart of a Democrat that justifies cheating in order to win?
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    I disagree. If he goes, so should pspr. Why should the right be the only ones to post partisan material?
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    Fair enough. I have pspr on ignore so I've forgotten about him/her.
  9. And you used to call him coward for the same.

    You have no moral compass whatsoever.
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    Just trying to bring some balance, I actually looked for couple of 'voter fraud' from the Republican side and I keep finding them again and again.
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