Arizona New World Order. "Sir are your papers in order"

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  1. Wow dumbass Teabaggers just signed themselves into a police state in order to protect them against "Illegal immigrants"

    Except now the police in Arizona has the right to stop anyone at anytime to verify citizenship, and if the officer seems to feel that the "Paper work is not in order" they can send you to the slammer while they "Verify things" And search your vehicle,etc.. who knows maybe decide to arrest you anyways.

    Dumb teabaggers are signing away their liberties over so quick, whats next the Federal Vice Patrol (FVP)?

    Palin 2012, National ID and Federal Gestapo patrolling the streets?
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    I definitely have mixed feelings about this. I've stated my position on illegal immigration before: I'm against it. But the fucking feds refuse to directly address the issue, and that goes for both Democrats and Republicans. When California did address the issue with Prop 187, a federal judge "voted" it down.

    You can't expect people to respect the law when they see flagrant violators getting away with it time and again right in front of them. You can't tell people their federal government is on their side when they see the feds stopping the states from dealing with an issue that the fucking feds are supposed to be dealing with. We have military bases all over the globe ... for what? The Soviets are gone and the Cold War is over. Why aren't those foreign-based troops here at home guarding our borders, especially the southern one where most of the illegals are coming from?

    I think Arizona may have created a bad law to deal with an awful situation but I can't blame them for trying. It's not like the fucking assholes responsible for doing anything about the problem are actually doing their jobs. And I'm not talking about the overworked Border Patrol, I'm talking about Congress and the Presidents, past and present.

  3. I don't mean to be rude KOS, but all these comments about teabaggers seem to be coming from folks "outside" the USA who do not know the whole situation. However, if you are an American citizen, please carry on.
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    lol. Yeah, I saw that IP analysis too. Buncha canucks still pissed about George W. with hardly any Americans in the threads.


    Canada, America's Hat :D
  5. lol. you beat me to it before I could change the comment. I am trying my best not to be offensive, but it is difficult. I had to leave our good buddy fkbsuhites. I think the hepatitis is finally affecting his brain. Poor slob.
  6. Does the federal government force business owners to hire illegals?

    Why don't the teagaggers put the blame where it belongs...on the people who hire illegals to save a buck...

    True patriots hiring illegals and not Americans?

    Typical, just bloody typical of Americans to wave the flag with one arm and hire illegals with the other arm...

    You want a real solution?

    Just stop the insanity and say no to hiring illegals, say no to eating at restaurants who hire illegals, lawn care businesses that hire illegals, etc.

    It is much easier actually for law enforcement to crack down on the businesses that employ illegals than to try and round up the illegals and jail is much cheaper too...

    This is just so common these days, and you have fallen into the same trap...blame the government, when if the citizens followed the law...and didn't hire illegals the problem would take care of itself.

    This is on the business owners and others who hire illegals, not on the government.

    Not until Americans take responsibility for enforcing the law themselves...i.e. not hiring illegals...will we see any meaningful change.

    All this stupidity does is breed racism, when it is not necessary.


  7. You are ignorant.
    You have never hired anyone in your pathetic trailer park life.

    A Mexican national shows up to apply for a job with a fake Social Security card and a fake Green card.
    What has the Federal Government done to make it possible to check out if the ID's are real...nothing.
    The Fed's don't want to change the system because they get lots of FICA, Payroll and Medicare taxes they never will need to pay out.
  8. Look at the right wing capitalist blame the supply of illegals on the government and not the demand of Americans to hire illegals to save a buck...

    Same stupidity and filth that blames prostitutes for trying to make a living...

    Same ridiculousness of a drug war on the supply...and never dealing with the demand.

    Look fool, take away the demand, and there is no need for supply...

    What a bunch of racist economic idiots the teagaggers are...

    Get this you dope...we live in an information age, and it is going to be much cheaper to deal with the demand than trying to stop the supply...

    This reminds me of the stupidity of vice squads rounding up hookers to put on a show for the public, knowing full well these same hookers will be back out on the street giving married men blow jobs the next day...


  9. Not just any idiots, economic idiots.... :D

  10. OK, you simpleton. I need to hire workers. They all show me Green cards and SS# cards.
    How do I control demand? Do I refuse to hire any brown skinned person who might be from Mexico?
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