Arizona folks, need some suggestions...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maharaja, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. Help my friend add to this list... We want to get it to 100.

    You know your from the Phoenix if:

    1. You whine that it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter even though people are suffering back east.
    2. You are not FROM arizona.
    3. You don't remember what snow looks like.
    4. You can properly pronouce "Saguaro," and you know what the heck it means.
    5. You never seen a Apple, Sycamore, or Oak tree but can properly identify six different types of Palm Trees.
    6. You AC runs 10.5 months a year.
    7. YOu have never opened the windows on your house.
    8. You pay lots of money to have "green" GRASS.
    9. You consider yourself on Pacific time.
    10. You think Flagstaff is "green."
    11. You actually know where Sedona is, how do get there, and what to do once there.
    12. School was cancelled due to "refrigeration failure."
    13. You have never heard of Euchre.
    14. You don't own a pair of jeans.
    15. Your obsessed with golf.
    16. You learned the hard way NOT to touch the prickly pair.
    17. You HATE the University of Arizona.
    18. You can't tell the difference between Smog and a dust storm.
    19. People drive in the HOV Lanes with "blow-up" dolls.
    20. YOu know what an "HOV" lane is.
    21. You know the exact difference between an AVenue and a Street.
    22. You avoid Buckeye at ALL costs.
    23. You never go to the shopping mall closest to you, but go to one farther away because you think the one near you isn't good enough.
    24. Mill AVe. is the happenin place.
    25. You only see rivers when it rains.
    26. You can properly identify all major airlines from a distance as the approach Sky Harbor.
    27. You know the airlines approach patterns.
    28. You don't notice that funny smell when it ACTUALLY rains.
    29. You know what a "circle - K" is.
    30. YOu know what "BOB" stands for.
    31. You refer to the freeways as "the" 60, "the" 101, "the" 202, etc...
    32. You waited 1.5 hours in line at In-N-Out Burger.
    33. You think that Central ave has the "tall" buildings.
    34. You refer to Tucson as "Tucsuck"
    35. You have a swimming pool and use it once a month.
    36. You have a swimming pool, but don't use it because the water is too hot.
    37. You get excited about the Monsoon season.
    38. You run outside when it rains.
    39. You think "Bell Rd." is too far away.
    40. You think Castles N' Coasters is a theme park.
    41. You refer to Scottsdale as "Snobsdale" or "Snottsdale"
    42. Your lockers in High School were outside.
    43. You have never saw a car that was considered a "rust-bucket"
    44. You don't consider yourself to live in the desert.
    45. You have never been to a Cardinal's game.
    46. You have waited 1.5 hours in line for gas.
    46. Your paranoid your car will be stolen parked in your driveway.
    47. Your very aware of just when the Minnesota and Iowa plates come and go.
    48. You know what a "cue-tip" is.
    49. Your still waiting for professional football to arrive.
    50. You will park a mile away if there is a skinny ass tree that gives you some shade for your car.
    51. Your sick of seeing "circle-k's"
    52. You hate Wal-Mart.
    53. You refer to Scottsdale as "Snobsdale."
    54. If you cousin says he was in "tent city" for the weekend, you know EXACTLY what he means.
    55. You have never road on "Valley metro"
    56. You know where to pick up some "cheap labor".....i.e. The best corners.
    57. You know what's on Van Buren.
    58. You can tell your in Glendale, just by looking at the color of the streetlights.
    59. You think Illona is hot.
    60. You can't drive in the rain.
    61. You know by following the Indians, you can find a "mini-vegas."
  2. Oh Boy Maharja..... I believe you have just declared let me correct some of your list items....

    ;-) Sorry Maharaja, ya know I love ya....but I have to defend my fellow alumns.....;-)
  3. OK, as you know, I'm not a fan of either university...Don't hate em, but I don't love em either. And scottsdale people are well...i stand by my previous statements... I work off probabilities and according to my experience, scottsdale is snobsdale...

    <quote><b>"The only people who refer to Scottsdale by such names, are those people that can't live there....many of those people end up in Tempe"</quote></b>

    Or in paradise valley...which is much better than scottsdale...
  4. No.....people in PV don't refer to Scottsdale by those names.... they refer to them as PV hopefuls...;-)