Arizona – the new Rhode Island?

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  1. Arizona – the new Rhode Island?

    According to the Obama administration’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona, their new law requiring police officers to investigate immigration status for those already in some form of detention violates their jurisdiction, which is what the argument of pre-emption means. Barack Obama and Eric Holder want the courts to rule that only the federal writ runs in Arizona on immigration-law enforcement. Apparently, though, the federal writ doesn’t run in Rhode Island, where law enforcement has been doing for years exactly what the Arizona law Obama opposes mandates — without a peep from the DoJ:

    Well, that’s different from what Arizona is doing because, well, um … Arizona’s racist, or something. In fact, Rhode Island does exactly what Arizona belatedly decided to do, which is to get serious about immigration control and enforcing the law. The only difference is that Rhode Island began doing it before Barack Obama needed a distraction from a hugely unpopular ObamaCare bill and thought a fight over immigration would bolster Democrats in the midterms.

    In fact, Rhode Island didn’t bother passing a law, but instead relied on an executive order:

    Heck, an executive order seems even more susceptible to a legal challenge than a law passed by the legislature. Why isn’t the DoJ suing Rhode Island to stop doing what Arizona proposes to do?

    William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection notes the irony in the attacks by Democrats on Arizona in the context of deep-blue Rhode Island:

    Or perhaps Whitehouse can simply explain how we managed to drop Rhode Island from the United States — or ask whether the Department of Justice and the Obama administration are simply indulging a purely political exercise.
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    Great. Now you just brought this issue to the attention of this administration. Don't you know this section is trolled by WH Communication Office staff who constantly "correct" all this misinformation put out there.

    Expect RH lawsuit next.