Ariana Huffington laughed at by conservatives.

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  1. Ariana Huffington was always laughed at by conservatives. maybe she is not so dumb after all. she turned 1 million into 315 million in 6 years.

    The Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington’s news and political focused website, has been acquired by AOL for $315 million — $300 million cash, the rest in stock.

    Huff Po began in 2005 with a $1 million investment; it has since grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country. The NYT called the deal “an unlikely pairing of two online media giants.” It is the company’s largest acquisition since the break up of AOL Time Warner in 2009.
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    slightly more than Vanilla Ice
  3. 1) AOL is stupidly overpaying for "stuff" once again? :confused:
    2) Is she more attractive in your eyes now? :p
    3) Is it "1999" all over again? :eek:
  4. hell yes.
  5. She's laughing her way to the bank.
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    That's the way of large companies in the US. Because failure within the company is not tolerated, naturally no one wants to take career risk creating something new. Instead, the company has to overpay for stuff which someone has already made a success of.

    P.S. People who manage small failures like start ups loose their jobs and possibly never return to the industry. People who oversee large failures like doomed mergers and flawed acquisitions get promoted because of their experience and oversee even larger failures.
  7. Ariana is a relentless self-promoter and has been since her youth. She is a social climber who married a gay California congressman who happened to be loaded. You have to give her credit for seeing an ooportunity to create a site that appeals to the far left but without some of the kookiness and sheer hate of sites like Daily Kos and DU. Basically, she did what any number of large newspapers or media companie could have done but failed to do. so she reaps a huge reward. It's the logical outcome of the system she apparently detests. I wonder how much of her windfall she will donate to the poor and underprivilged or voluntarily pay in extra taxes?

    So it was a no-brainer for her. What about AOL? It seems to me they have instantly forfeited half or more of their potential market. They have to be seen as playing a niche strategy, going after the Olbermann demographic. Their plans to turn this into some broad-based media property seem ridiculous to me. The HuffPo taint will be on everything they do.
  8. You'd only have to drink 4 beers instead of 6 to "get in the mood"? :confused: :D
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    Quote from AAAintheBeltway:

    Ariana .... You have to give her credit for seeing an oportunity
    .... so she reaps a huge reward.
    .... I wonder how much of her windfall she will donate to the poor and underprivilged or voluntarily pay in extra taxes?

    If she pays her taxes, that 100 mill will be just fine...

    Nice to see you appreciating her work. By the way, what windfall are you talking about? If in your perfect capitalist system things are correctly valued, (and it is a fremarket so why wouldn't it?) the site is worth as much as she got for it, thus she worked hard for that money... :)
  10. ? that called the "Peter Principle"? :confused:
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