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    Hello guys,

    I frequent ET regularly, but rarely have I this forum. I have been really reading, & re-reading Kiev's The Psychology of Risk: Mastering market uncertainty text. As you all may know Kiev passed away in 2009. For whatever reason his work speaks to me. I found him creditable as Stevie Cohen & SAC with their high standards wouldnt work with or keep around anyone whom isnt producing for long. Alot of Flim Flams out there in the "coaching business".

    Does anyone know of any coaches in NYC carrying on his work or just a good reputable trading coach in general ?
  2. Trading "coaches" - particularly when they title themselves "doctors" - are complete waste of your time. They are in it to make money (YOUR money), but selling your useless time wasting chit chat.

    The best investor/traders/business people in the world picked up a few ideas here, and there, but eventually taught/coached THEMSELVES - without exception. I have never been big in sports, but I could almost guarantee that you will find the same thing in that arena.

    If you are looking for someone for motivational purposes then it's also questionable because you should be self-motivated to hit it big (in anything). If you don't love the career beyond the dreamy income figures then greed will get the best of you sooner, or later, and cause you to risk more than is healthy because of overconfidence in your abilities to make gazzillions of percent a year.

  3. 1) Kiev may still be benefitting from the "halo effect" since his death. :)
    2) You could consider Ruth Roosevelt or Denise Shull in NYC. Read everything you can about Ruth, THEN Denise, before "investing" in coaching sessions. :cool:
    3) Some of the other better known, "old school", coaches can appear to be dated and irrelevant. :eek:


    thank you