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    Anyone who has read 'Trading to win' and/or 'Trading in the zone'
    by Ari Kiev; someone who has read both in which case 'which one do you prefer ?'

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    trading in the zone is also the title of M Douglas book but that's
    another one ...
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    I think "A Strategy for Daily Living" is by far his best book.

  3. Paulus,

    I read Dr. Kiev's "Trading To Win" a few years ago. In it, he wrote, among other things, that a trader must decide in advance how much he wants to make on a given day, and then go about making it a reality. For me, Dr. Kiev's credibility went out of the window with that single statement.


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    I read "Trading in the Zone" last year. It is a good book. I tried to incorporate some of its gems into my trading and the cost of the book turned out to be a whole lot higher than the price at the bookstore. It did not fit my style (close, but not close enough). If it fits yours, I recommend it.
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    heard kiev speak at NYMEX. made some good points.
  6. i have read his books--they make sense BUT what stands out in my mind is that he was hired by fugitive trader marty frankel for coaching services. marty frankel raised tons of money but was a consistent loser as a trader, i don't think ari helped him. LOL !


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    steenbarger wrote a good book. his site is

    also, check out vic's site at
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    I have read both of these books by Keiv. They both have some good ideas in them. Was wondering what some of you veteran traders think about his philosophy of setting an actual dollar goal to make every day/week/month/year. Do any of you guys follow this type of strategy? Does it help you to focus on making a certain amount every day? I have read and heard very mixed veiws on this idea. Interest to hear what some of the pros here think. Thanks
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