Ari Kiev - The Psychologist Mentioned in the SAC - WSJ Article

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by BCE, Sep 16, 2006.

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    BTW Dr. Ari Kiev, the psychologist mentioned in the Steve Cohen, SAC, article from the Wall Street Journal, is one of the Market Wizards in Jack Schwager's Stock Market Wizards book. An interesting interview in which he talks about helping one trader in particular up his sights to making $1 million a year. He worked with Olympic athletes before he hooked up with SAC. Here are some other books, etc. by Dr. Kiev himself
    And also here's a link to a video on NYMEX of a talk he gave on "The Psychology of Risk"
    Interesting stuff. Something I'm especially interested in, the idea of uping my take from the markets by improving my psychological take on what I'm capable of and willing myself, so to speak, into maximizing my profits. The idea of setting goals and ‘creating’ your performance.
    And here's an interview our very own surf did with him. :)
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    BTW, I'm envisioning that if I set my mind to it and work at this for several years, I may be able to make up to $50 or at least $40 average in a single day. :D
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