Arguments for Lower Tax.

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    Taxing the reach will solve the problem seems it's a part of marginal declining utility from capital. Natural evolution of capitalism - automated production and social equality through taxes.
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  3. Social equality through taxes? Is that a joke...taxes are not voluntary and fund a redistrobtuin scheme in which the government decides who wins and loses... Taxing the most productive members of society is an arcane socialist idea that makes absolutely no sense... Taxation is theft
  4. Anyone talking about cutting taxes when USA has $21 trillion in debt is a traitor to the republic
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  5. So any former regimes loose spending which we have no say over, only your proclaimed responsibility for is rational? Come on sound like a statist militant ready to jail or get violent on the false premise of treason
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  6. Taxed are voluntary until you are audited :wtf: Give them a little each year to keep them off your back.


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    Could make the same argument for anyone who votes for entitlement spending increases which includes pretty much everything in the socialist agenda (free healthcare, college, guaranteed basic income, etc). All those items add to the debt. And total liabilities (including SS, medicare, state government pensions) are much greater than $21T.
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    Maybe ask if all this money was spent well. It's taxpayers money and taxpayers have the right to know how it is spent. Governments all over the world are very generous in spending other people's money. How many countries have no deficit? What does a family do if they have a deficit? CUT EXPENSES.
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  9. actually cutting taxes increases revenue...thus years revenue is up.

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