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  1. I just heard this weekend about the film 'Freedom to Fascism' and so much of this film's message resonates with my own conclusions from studying the Fed over the last several months. Has anyone seen this and care to comment on the legitimacy of his arguments against the fed?

    I think he's right on the mark. I found the interview next to the 2 trailer links the most informative layout of Russo's position
  2. Good....glad to see this is out now. I will go see it this week!
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    About time people left behind media provided labels and woke up to the real threat.
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  5. lol how much of it did you watch, which aspect amuses you?
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    U.S. Constitution: Sixteenth Amendment

    "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

    I'm an anti-tax guy but the intent of the 16th Amendment is quite clear.......
  7. I agree, the wording of the amendment seems unambiguous. i don't really know anything about his income tax illegality arguments, but his discussion of the fed's role in herding americans into record debt levels while inflating prices through the creation of a boundless digital fiat is correct imo and i'm glad overall awareness levels seem to be gathering

    everyday people know they're broke, but so few understand that the Federal Reserve Corporation is the primary mechanism for the country's credit problem
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    The Fed has no impetus in budget decisions. Only Congress can spend. Most American's want an encompassing "nanny state" government as long as someone else pays for it. The fiscal situation in the U.S. isn't an iota different from the Euro-zone or Japan.......

    As far as your statement, "the fed's role in herding americans into record debt levels while inflating prices through the creation of a boundless digital fiat is correct " hopefully understand that DEBT IS GOOD if you indeed belive there's bona fide inflation. Would you rather consumers/Americans sit on depreciating savings or be able to someday pay off a million dollar home with the proceeds of a night moonlighting as a bartender? Monetary ills are caused by fiscal ills not vica versa......
  9. Correct

    Debt is obviously a crucial tool for growth, I don't dispute that. Under the current system though, nobody is accountable. The congress doesn't create the money, they just spend it, and the Fed doesn't spend the money, they just create it. Thus a ~$3,500,000,000,000 annual defect and questions about national insolvency, not unlike the millions of american households permanently mired in debt (and growing).
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    Accountability will be served up by the market. Instead of pointing at and blaming some mythical "they" for a nations ills we should be pointing at the man in the mirror.......
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