Argument that decimates the pro gun position

Discussion in 'Politics' started by L-Kabong, Dec 20, 2012.

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  3. What is this big powerful anti-gun lobby and what is their agenda? I know that the NRA has an agenda to sell more guns on behalf of gun manufacturers. What is the point of promoting less guns unless you believe it actually works?
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    The complete elimination of all firearms in the US and ultimately the world.
    Actually their primary goal is supporting the 2nd amendment
    Oh I have no doubt the left believes elimination of guns works. The problem is it doesn't. They are simply wrong and refuse to admit it.
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    "In other Western countries, per capita homicide rates, as well as rates of violent crime involving guns, are a fraction of what they are in the United States. The possible explanations of this are limited. Gun advocates claim it has nothing to do with our permissive gun laws or our customs and practices involving guns. If they are right, should we conclude that Americans are simply inherently more violent, more disposed to mental derangement, and less moral than people in other Western countries? If you resist that conclusion, you have little choice but to accept that our easy access to all manner of firearms is a large part of the explanation of why we kill each at a much higher rate than our counterparts elsewhere."
  6. Ricter, that is a great point. But don't forget that plutocrats can die by the sword.
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    Didn't read the article but I'm simply not giving up any guns that I own. End of Story.

    The idea that some Gestapo-like organization would go door to door confiscating weapons is ludicrous. It will never happen so there isn't anything to get excited about. I don't personally think there is even anything to debate, it is non sequitur.

    I suppose they could halt new gun sales but it would probably be tied up in the courts for years and the democrats would be pushed out of political power pretty quickly. The new administration would stop monkeying with the constitution and all would be as it was before.

    The mother of the CT shooter was going through the steps to commit him to a mental hospital. She made a terrible mistake regarding the storage of her guns and her crazy son got access to them. Its the worst sort of tragedy with a nightmarish outcome but do democrats seriously think that there is going to be some kind of purge of firearms from a country founded on the right to own them?

    Keep in mind that L-Kabong is only 15 miles from the school where this occurred and he is pretty deeply affected by it. He's got a family so the whole thing is much closer to home for him than it is for almost anyone else here. I think he is a bit of a hater to begin with so you combine events with that disposition and you're going to see some angry and confrontational posts.
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